Talks as if he was there. Could not be per government records.

Click on the "Blog" tab (Left) and you will read that he has collected approximately $800.00 and he was to close the facility in September 2014. The "Go Fund Me" page is still up running and collecting funds as of 1-9-18. Scroll down to the end of the page and you will see a picture of the facility. Click on the "Magazine" tab and scroll to the end. Look at that picture. It is the same picture. That building is in Sandwich, New Hampshire not Stone Mountain, GA. FRAUD AND DECEIT! 

Minimum 1 MILLION+ missing? Listen to retired CPA Craig Northacker and his computations on the Bridging The Gap of Georgia tax returns. Additionally, BTG of Georgia corporation is listed as a VSO in which it is not which brings in to question the donations made being tax ​deductible of which technically, they are not. And more! Click on the above to listen to the show.

Per government records, discharged as Private First Class (E3). In marketing for radio show, he hold's himself out as a captain.

Fraud & Deceit Exposed-(Stolen Valor) Keith Laseter & Bridging The Gap of Georgia!


Roger Gagnon, owner of FB page "VA Is Still Lying" on Fox news talking about the Beirut bombing. He was AWOL at the time. The radio show about Roger Gagnon and Keith Laseter is above.

States he was with the general for 13 years. He wasn't even in military for that long. 3 1/2 years.

Verbal Explanation of Evidence on Tarrance Keith Laseter

AKA/ Keith Laseter

AWOL three times 830913,831110 and 840123.

Date of Beirut bombing 10-23-83 he was AWOL

Declared deserter 831013 and 840227

Keith Laseter, (Stolen Valor), Roger Gagnon (Deserter) Radio Show  12-26-17

Told party he was wounded in combat, Captain in Army etc.

Tarrance Keith Laseter

AKA/ Keith Laseter

Please listen to explanation of documents

Audio of Keith Laseter admitting dishonorable discharge, stating he went to OCS (Officers Candidate School), which is a lie etc.