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Information On School

In 1978 I started with a law firm in Southern California with the title of “Director of Business Administration and Litigation Investigations” and retired from the business in June, 2015 as a private investigator in Colorado. I now do consulting work for law firms and the public in various states.

I have been involved in many types of investigations and became known for “Corruption Investigations” having to do with government agencies and law enforcement, local, state and federal.

While there is no actual class one can take and upon completion go out and get your license to be a private investigator, if one has the knowledge, they can get employment in this field making very good money. Once the hours are obtained (varies from state to state), a license can then be obtained and you can establish your own company.

Until you can be licensed yourself, there are many ways to get in to the field and earn good money. One way is working for a licensed private investigator. Another is working for a law firm etc. Again, there are a few ways to get in to the industry but unless you have the knowledge, the odds are, no one will hire you. Working for someone else, you can expect to make between $20.00 to $45.00 per hour. 

In my class,you are taught the basics and in many areas more, so that you can go out and get that job in the field of investigations. Without certain knowledge, your chances are extremely limited.

The time frame for completion of instruction is 4 weeks via 
personal instruction, via electronic means.

Total cost is $840.00, payable $210.00 per class, prior to class. 

If you are interested in moving forward, please send an email with your telephone number to and I will contact you or you can call the above 800 number


If you truly want to get in to the business, this is a no nonsense, information packed program.



The Interview Process

Developing Rapport

Asking Effective Interview Questions

Mastering Listening Skills

Interpreting Nonverbal Behavior

Enhancing Recall and Eliciting Facts

Taking Recorded and Written Statements



Reading Reports

Finding Flaws In Reports

Reviewing Potential Evidence



Auto v. Auto Investigation

Tort Investigations In General

Criminal Investigation

Corrupt Government Investigation



Undercover Tips

Attorney/Client Initial Conversation

Doing Written Reports


* Class material emailed prior to class.

  All classes taped and audio available to participants for future review.

  Instruction topics above subject to change without notice.