Former Veterans Affairs Nurse and Whistleblower Takes on VA and Wins EEOC Case

By Rebecca DeNofrio | May 6, 2018

A former Department of Veterans Affairs nurse, Diane Suter has won her Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC) case against the Agency. It took nearly five years, but an Administrative judge has ruled in her favor awarding her with non-pecuniary damages, back pay and legal fees.


The only thing that Suter ever wanted to do was to be a nurse. She has lived a full life of service helping patients in various capacities; from working in a Trauma Center to working as a Nurse Manager in a private practice to her last job of seventeen years working at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SA VAHCS). Nursing is what she loved to do, but that all has come to an end because of what Suter alleges was a hostile work environment and retaliation within the Agency due to her disability.


Her plight first began in 2013 when the IV (intravenous) team she had been working on since 2004 was disbanded and she was moved to a job on the floor.


This move created problems for Suter for several reasons: the patient load had significantly increased, she had to learn a new computerized system and also become knowledgeable on new medications. Added to those problems were complications from a disability which made the job extremely difficult for her, spurring her to file a Reasonable Accommodation Request (RAR) in September of 2013.


While the RAR was being processed Suter was assigned a temporary assignment but in November of 2013 the Agency denied her accommodation which lead her to interview for a job in primary care. Her abilities and limitations were discussed at the interview and it was agreed the job would be a good fit for her. The problems started when the nurse she was replacing decided not to leave.


Instead of being given a position where she would easily be able to handle the workload of a four hundred patient panel—the number of patients seen in the team—she was permanently reassigned on December 1, 2013, as a Reasonable Accommodation to a different team in the Outpatient Clinic.


The team had a thirteen-hundred patient panel, which resulted in a tremendous burden on the nurse. Suter was forced into a job that was more difficult than the one she had left. The new job did not take into consideration her limitations due to her disability which gave her no choice but to file another RAR in April. She remained in the position while waiting for the Agency to approve the request.


During her time in that job, Suter claims that her Nurse Manager confronted her for not remaining within the nurse’s matrix (requirements) of getting a patient scheduled within two weeks. This was not possible with the large number of patients that needed to be scheduled.


To avoid the waitlists that created the scandal at the Phoenix VA, the nurses were told to circumvent the system to make it appear that patients were being scheduled properly. They would have to document the call as if the patient had asked that day to be scheduled for a specific date when in reality that date was the first one available.


Suter protested and became a whistleblower by reporting her concerns to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC). The hospital was reviewed, and her complaint was upheld when the Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that seventy-six percent of patient wait times were being zeroed out. It was after her reporting these issues that the situation went from bad to worse.


On July 9, 2014, the Agency issued Suter a memorandum which presented her with the options of resignation, disability retirement, regular retirement, or reassignment. Two days later she received a Notice of Opportunity to Improve Memo from her Nurse Manager. Starting on July 14, 2014, she had to begin meeting weekly with her Nurse Manager to discuss her job performance.


During these meetings, Suter describes an atmosphere where everything she did was picked apart. The Nurse Manager alleged failings in Suter’s patient cases, but there was no discussion on how she was to improve. In one instance she was accused of not asking patients all the questions that she was required to ask when the answers did not get recorded properly due to an error in the computer system.


Suter was blamed for issues with patient cases that were not even hers. There was one case where she was being held responsible for a patient who was triaged while she was away on vacation. Prior to this, Suter had never received an unsatisfactory evaluation at any of her previous jobs or during the time that she worked for the VA.


Suter states that even if the Nurse Manager’s allegations of failings were true, which she adamantly maintains they are not, they would still only account for less than two out of every one thousand cases she handled.


The Agency denied her Reasonable Accommodation Request on August 18, 2014, even though there were several areas that she was willing and qualified to work in, such as Home Health Nursing, Utilization Review and the Choice Program. The very next day Suter was detailed to work in the Business Office until she chose which option she would agree to. Suter instead decided to leave work on August 20, 2014, and seek legal representation.


In November of 2014, Suter made a third Reasonable Accommodation Request through her attorney for a position in Home Based Patient Care (HBPC). The Agency responded on March 26, 2015, stating that Suter could resign, retire, apply for medical disability retirement or she could be removed from federal service. On May 16, 2015, the Agency fired her. Suter decided to take the Agency to court on allegations of discrimination due to her disability.


Fast forward to May 1, 2019, the date that she received a final decision from the EEOC Administrative Judge, nearly five years later. Diane Suter is, fortunately, one of the less than two percent who has received a favorable outcome from the court. The Administrative Judge found in his decision (EEOC No. 540-2015-00289X) that the “Complainant met her burden of proving beyond a preponderance of the evidence that she was discriminated against on the basis of disability as alleged… [that] the Agency was nonetheless required to consider whether there was an available position Complainant was otherwise qualified to perform… [and that Suter]…served successfully as a nurse for seventeen years…”.


The Administrative Judge also stated that he “…finds the Agency’s efforts to determine if the Complainant was otherwise qualified for the HBPC nurse position were unsatisfactory… [and that] …Complainant met her burden of proving by a preponderance of evidence she could perform the essential functions of that position”. The Administrative Judge went on to say in his decision that “…the Agency violated the Rehabilitation Act by failing to reassign Complainant to the HBPC nurse position as an accommodation.”


The Department of Veterans Affairs has been riddled with scandal since its inception; Veteran suicides, waitlists, impaired providers, poor patient care and whistleblower retaliation are just a few of the thing that have plagued the Department. The reader may ask why is it like this? Suter has an answer, “You rise to your level of incompetence at the VA, people at the top are the most corrupt incompetent people that they have at the VA, and it’s because they are the ones willing to look the other way.”  

This article in its entirety as it is written has been approved by Diane Suter.

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Veteran advocate from Guam to participate in congressional round table

Former Indianapolis VA officer to serve 12 months for assaulting patient, filing false report

Marine veteran battles with Veterans Affairs over needed surgery

O'Rourke touts improved wait times at town hall for El Paso veterans

GOP denies vets’ right to medical marijuana

Hirono Introduces Bill to Protect Programs for Homeless Veterans

Ruiz, Esty, King, See Victory with Burn Pits Legislation

Whistleblower and leadership at Shreveport VA team up to improve care

New Report Spotlights Continuing Challenges Facing Women Veterans

Congress just failed our nation’s veterans when it comes to medical marijuana

Dialysis system at Aurora's new VA medical center isn't working properly

Veterans Expo to offer array of services

Ptsd va claim forum

Secretary David Shulkin, M.D., Joins Sanford Health

VA Hospital Isn't Liable In Shrimp Allergy Death, Judge Says

New Law Will Give Some VA Federal Employees Additional Paid Leave

GRHC awarded $450K in HUD grants to support veterans, people with disabilities

83 Congresspeople, Including McEachin, Sign Letter Asking VA To Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery For Veterans

Congress Removes Military Veteran Medical Marijuana Provision From Funding Bill

VA report shows 167 positions vacant at Danville hospital

Alabama VA Replaces Mobile Health Units With Telehealth Centers

Tucson VA hospital hosts suicide prevention town hall

Former VA Contracts Administrator to be Sentenced in L.A. Bribery Case

VA Expands VocRehab Program

‘A different kind of war’: Attorney thinks veteran may hold record for longest-delayed award from the VA

Tillis introduces bill to improve Veterans Affairs health care staffing

Port Townsend display illustrates battle some veterans face at home

Special buses drove Aurora VA staff 176 yards for 5 years​​

Six military veterans from the US and UK walk 1000 miles together to save lives

Marijuana Bill Scheduled For Congressional Vote This Week

Veterans Corner: 'Veteran' can be added to license

Suicide prevention event held in Waco

Hugin Says VA Doesn’t Meet Veterans’ Needs

How a murderous doctor was allowed to keep killing patients

Our obsession with metrics is hurting us – and even endangering our lives

How Military Spouses Can Get a VA Survivor Pension

It’s Time to Partially Privatize the Military Transition Assistance Program

VA to fund first national center of excellence for Veteran and caregiver research

Repeated Complaints Of Abuse, Neglect At VA Medical Center Prompt Sharp Call For Stricter Oversight

Cohen Veterans Network Extends Commitment to Combat Suicide Among Veterans Through New CampaignLeon Clinic and Court Offer Help to Troubled Veterans

New York VA hospital physician misreported patients' surgical outcomes, investigation reveals

VA Docs Didn't Prove Sex Discrimination, Fed. Circ. Finds

The VA Is Eyeing Ketamine As An Emergency Treatment For Patients At High Suicide Risk

How the VHA innovators network is turning ‘changing narrative’ of complacency

VA hospital expanding into Clovis

Sen. Warren calls for increased oversight of troubled Bedford VA
Hospitals Launch Generic Drug Company Civica Rx to Drive Down Drug Prices

Audit shows VA overpaid contractors by over $101 million for medical work

VA hospital’s population-specific approach to Veteran careDebate Over Medical Marijuana Helping Veterans With PTSD

Senators introduce bill to boost VA health care staffing

Telehealth Proves Valuable for Promoting Safe Antibiotic Prescribing Practices in Remote Healthcare Settings

New documentary shows veterans’ struggle to get health care

Togus Cabins in the Woods open for veterans

Making the VA Work

Veteran mounts protest, claims U.S. government "abandoned him"

Army vet regains life in degrees

Tiny home camp for homeless veterans begins in Dallas

Miracle Quilts organization celebrates 10-year anniversary

VA employee survey indicates unhappiness with management continues

Senate sets nomination hearing for VA CIO

VA to Add Medical Staff After 'Rust and Blood' Found on Surgical Instruments

VA leadership woes: Readers nearly deadlocked on EHR project path

Memphis VA fired top-doctor because she had breast cancer, lawsuit alleges

Report: Albany VA surgeon misrepresented surgery outcomes

VA Working to Slash Opioid Use as Study Finds Ibuprofen May Be Just as Effective

11 cities with the lowest ranking VA nursing homes

Tampa Bay VA official defends nursing home after low ratings

State Highlights: Inside A One-Star Massachusetts VA Nursing Home; Texas Doctor Says Female Physicians Make Less Money Because They ‘Don’t Work As Hard’

An Additional Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sullivan wasn’t the problem

Lethal Insulin Prices; Concussion Rays; New VA Questions

VA officials say one in 10 department jobs is unfilled

Bed sores, neglect, alleged abuse: inside the Bedford VA nursing home

Vietnam Demands Compensation from Monsanto for Devastating Harm Caused by Agent Orange 

Shepherd's House gets cleared for VA funds

Veterans receive mental health support, hope to break down barriers in 6th annual summit

Amputees in High Heels: VA Research Zeroes in on Quality of Life

VA releases data on vacancies as required under MISSION Act

Meet Doris Kent: Gold Star Mother and Warrior for Hope

‘Meals for Vets’ making a difference to new demographic

(Suicide Issue) Our View: Cheers and Jeers - To veterans affairs, Gov. Otter's indecisiveness and a bed build

A Racial Divide in How Opioid Prescriptions Are Overseen

Foundation To Present $61,000 To Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch

VA efforts to block Agent Orange benefits spark pushback from Navy vets

Trump’s unqualified cronies are out of place advising on veterans issues

VA announces $200M in funding for Grant and Per Diem Program to support homeless Veterans programs nationwide

VA announces upcoming awards of nearly $326M in grants to help at-risk Veterans and family members

American Legion's repeated differences with Trump called unprecedented

Stivers, Moran veteran bill sails through Senate; makes way to Trump’s desk

Accelerated Resolution Therapy for PTSD

Examining the resources for suicidal or depressed veterans

VA exec overseeing Cerner project resigns

VA’s mental health care crisis draws private firms pitching dubious PTSD treatments

Veterans affairs secretary vows not to privatize agency


NARMH conference calls attention to behavioral healthcare availability in rural areas

Misread scans at Illinois VA led to visit from concerned Congress member

One in 3 US veteran firearm owners keeps a gun loaded and unlocked

Project Healing Waters helps disabled veterans recover through fly fishing


Agencies Offer Number Of Resources For Veterans In Need

The Veterans Who Continue To Serve

Rosario: No contest. Vets who responded to my question like their VA

A Vet's Suicide Pushes The VA To Do Better (Toombs)

Des Moines doctor says VA made him a 'scapegoat' and fired him because of political pressure

Edward Lotterman: Information has value, but we often have no way to use itCommunity Matters: Democrats want the government to take over health care

James Thompson confronts Rep. Ron Estes at Estes’ town hall

As veterans hold national conventions, concern continues over privatization of the VA

Care Coordination Recognized as Biggest Safety Concern in Oncology: Study

Medical Foster Homes for Helping Veterans and Other Ailing Adults

Veterans' sex assault claims mishandled, investigation finds

VA Stopped Publishing Breach Reports About Vets’ Data for Nine Months

Here's why Rosen and Heller are in a bitter battle to attract votes from veterans

Higgins stands with veterans in opposition to VA's decision to close adult day health care program

Pearland man headed to prison for $1.6M VA contract scheme

Man pleads guilty to posing as veteran at Jackson VA hospital

Investigation: How long are veterans waiting for care at Mountain Home VA?


Low Risk Prostate Cancer Imaging More Common Outside of VA Hospitals

Tobi Beck: VA underfunding women's services

What We're Reading: Hospital Closures; Mixed Messages on PBMs; VA Wrongly Denies Sexual Trauma

Veterans voice their frustrations at VA hosted town hall in North Bend

Spend the parade money on veterans

VA Chief RescSpend the parade money on veteransinds Some Bargaining Rights For Union Staff

Construction starts on Veterans Village in Bernards Township

Poliquin espouses new VA law during home-state roundtable

5th Circ. Dismisses Doctor's Suit Against VA Over Firing

VA struggles continue

The Other Alexandria: Eugene Shanklin: Buffalo Soldier, WW I Veteran

IG finds the VA wrongly denies benefits to victims of military sexual trauma

MIKE MASTERSON: What about vets?

Award Winning Real-Time Feedback Program Delivers Better Patient Engagement to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Every veteran has a story

Vietnam veteran files federal lawsuit against Louisiana VA office director

VA Brings Focus to Impaired Doctor's Misdiagnosing Through Further Investigation

Veterans Journal: Corruption and cronyism charges swirling around the VA

New VA hospital cost almost $2 billion

For Your Patients-Dementia Risk: Mild TBI May Double Dementia Risk in Veterans, VA Data Suggest

Itasca County Veteran Services Office secures $21 million in compensation for local veterans


Investigation Into The VA Reveals A Culture Of Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

Fight Brews as the VA Mission Act Remains Unfunded

Inspection reveals unnecessary deaths, unsanitary conditions at Memphis VA

The fight against the opioid crisis

Veterans Owe Thousands for Survivor Benefits. Why Can’t They Opt Out?

Lawmakers demand secret VA nursing home data be released after USA TODAY, Boston Globe report

VA goes live on 'anywhere-to-anywhere' telehealth

Veteran Suicide Rate Still Rising

Federal Review Clears Topeka Veterans Hospital of Wrongdoing

Veteran found shot in VA parking lot

Secret VA nursing-home ratings hid poor quality care from public

Local veteran looking for some answers

Biker group thanks veterans with a barbecue

'I'm not anywhere close to the same person': Veterans Court helping Lancaster County vets turn their lives around

Doctors advised to look for links between illness, military service

Veteran dies outside emergency room at Leavenworth VA hospital

Long Beach VA hospital clerk accused of stealing veterans' private information

Stand Down event provides supplies and services to homeless veterans

Women serve in uniform, but most VA hospitals lack an OB/GYN. That’s a problem. [Editorial]

VA hospitals across the country have more than 3,000 unwanted jobs

Study: VA-sponsored telementoring improved survival rates for liver disease by 54 percent

Legionella found during water tests at VA hospital in Loma Linda

The Wounds of the Drone Warrior

White House considered Manchin to lead Veterans Affairs after Jackson withdrew his nomination

Design errors, omissions, delays cost military hospital $166M

VA uses loophole to deny Marine veteran’s malpractice claim

Mobile Veterans Center offers services on the road

Groups Come Together To House Deserving Veteran Or Military Family


Governor signs bill aimed at expanding health care options for veterans

This Army Veteran Wants To Change How People Think About Service Animals

Why cannabis delivery bill was critical for rural patients

Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry available for veterans exposed during Middle East deployments

VA Whistle-Blower Office Failing Whistle-Blowers, Group Finds

Trump to nominate Robert Wilkie for VA secretary: 5 things to know

Marine Raises $13,000 For Veteran He Just Met To Help With Medical Bills

With PTSD reaching well beyond combat vets, trauma experts see need for 'healing spaces'

Veteran hospitalized, family struggling to pay bills says they're getting no help from VA

Daily on Healthcare: House to vote on allowing experimental cures for terminally ill

Democrats demand VA fire acting CIO, citing 'malign neglect' on EHR project

Women veterans says Durham VA hospital not returning phone calls, keeping them waiting

Suicide rates among these Oklahoma vets is the highest in the nation

Meeting The Unique Challenges Of Female Veterans

FDA approves 1st nonopioid drug to ease withdrawal symptoms

VA Mission Act 'Imperils' the Future of Veterans' Health Care

Annual VA2K walk raises awareness for homeless vets, promotes health and wellness

House OKs Expansion of Private Care at VA, Budget Crisis Fix

Why the the month of May is so important to the Utah Red Cross and Veterans

Unarmed Black Teacher, a Recent VCU Honors Grad, Shot and Killed by Virginia Police

Enable Me, top U.S. provider of movement therapy devices, awarded 5-year contract from U.S. Veterans Administration

Woman blames VA for death of father

Trump should fulfill infrastructure promise.

Lawmakers want answers on $543M tech contract bungled by the VA

3 Ways To Fix The VA Amid Ongoing Scandals

White House endorses bill to fund veterans’ ‘choice’ health care ahead of House panel vote

Doctors say Trump’s VA is catastrophic failure: ‘Worst it’s ever been’

PTSD linked to history of military sexual trauma in women

On her deathbed, whistleblower described substandard care at Northampton VA

Filipinos Who Fought for US Still Battle for Recognition

VA and Small Business Administration Team up to Help Veteran Entrepreneurs

Connecticut's 1st Fisher House 'comfort house' opens for families of vets gettingVA care

VA Hospital Care as Good or Better Than Elsewhere, Report Says

Emerging PTSD therapy: Faster results, less talking

House unveils VA Choice compromise bill

Doctors accuse Loma Linda VA medical center officials of Legionnaires’ cover-up

Fifty Years After the Vietnam War, Women Vets Gather in Central Virginia

Bay Pines VA issues call for service to help veterans

Special Counsel: Massachusetts VA Hospital Knew of Asbestos Contamination

CBS2 News Investigation: Flies In Operating Rooms Force VA Hospital To Postpone More Than 80 Surgeries

Dayton VA admits not disclosing infection information to veteran, his family

New questions arise over VA's system of medical employee background checks

VA Video Connect Expands Veterans’ Access to Health Care

VA requests funding; adds online improvements


Trump Considering Kelly as Possible Candidate to Lead VA

With Ronny Jackson out, former congressman Jeff Miller emerges as possible pick for VA secretary

Contractor claims government owes it $3M for contaminated soil cleanup

Acting VA Secretary says Veterans Choice money will run dry by mid-June

Utah VA hospital launches inquiry after vet’s dad posts photo of ‘unsanitary’ room: report

‘We don’t seem to be a priority’: Vet’s VA clinic room filled with trash, dirty medical tools

How should hospitals reduce opioid prescriptions? A major new VA study offers some clues.

Fired VA Secretary Says White House Muzzled Him

David Shulkin warns of privatizing VA, rips "toxic" culture in wake of firing

Vietnam veterans honored in Temple

New director chosen for Dayton VA Medical Center

Trump ousts Veterans Affairs chief Shulkin, nominates personal physician to replace him

How Veterans Are Powering the Democrats’ 2018 Hopes

'Inhumane Experiments': Lawmakers Pull Tax Dollars for Painful Research on Dogs

Scott Taylor Sends Letter About Long Wait Times At Hampton VA Hospital

Veteran kills himself in St. Louis VA hospital waiting room, report says

VA plans town hall for Eugene, taking questions from vets and their families

Tampa Workers Protest Job Vacancies At VA Hospitals

Brian Mast: Members of Congress Can Help Veterans With Offices in VAFacilities

Veterans With ‘Bad Paper’ Discharges Now Eligible For Mental Health Services

Resident donates '56 Mustang to help nonprofit

Hines outreach team coming to Grundy area

At L.A. VA, Toxic Culture and Mismanagement Puts Veterans On The Street, Doctors Say

Albany VA gets new director

Trump reportedly considering Dr. Toby Cosgrove for VA secretary

Department of Veteran's Affairs years behind on payments to local hospitals

Lawmakers Push For VA to Pay Maine Hospitals Overdue Payments

Nursing assistant accused of stealing from patients at Iowa City VA Health Care System

Trump planning to fire VA Secretary David Shulkin: reports

Veterans Journal: $500M tracking technology contract faces uncertainty after technical failures

Trump friend: President said to expect one or two more major personnel changes

Veterans Portrait Project Aims to Showcase Untold Stories

Veterans join March For Our Lives to push for gun reforms

Costa Rica & Guatemala Dental Clinics Offer Discount for US Military Veterans

OKC VA project $10.8 million over budget, years behind schedule

Investigation launched into how Shulkin staffer got top VA hospital job

Groundbreaking caps seven years of work to build Fisher Houses here for families of ailing veterans

Veterans need drivers for hospital trips

Mom shares VA concerns with US lawmaker

Could the government do more to support veterans?

Congressional hearing aims to improve VA care

New VA appeals transparency tool part of focus on veterans’ experience to build trust

Senators Warner, Kaine Statement on Passage of the Omnibus Spending Bill

VA recognizes female veterans, anticipates future needs

Secretary Shulkin on Fiscal Year 2019 Veterans Affairs Budget
VA Panel Tries To Reassure Veterans Of New Hospital’s Future

Kalispell veteran’s VA Clinic video goes viral

Home-Based Primary Care Ups Access in Rural Areas

City of Crossgate sues VA to stop replacement hospital, alleging illegal and biased site-selection process

Father, disabled military veteran among supporters of S.C. medical marijuana legalization

Who is David Shulkin? 3 things to know about the secretary of Veterans Affairs

VA caregivers need funding and support, not mere ‘thank-yous’

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's pledge to vets on private care lags

Concealed carry bill, VA hospital town hall and more: 5 Things to Know for Thursday, March 22, 2018

Veteran calls 911 from VA emergency room

State Senate Medical Affairs Subcommitte approved a medical marijuana bill on Wednesday

Wake-Up Call: Damaged Vets, Unnecessary War, and the Price We Pay

Sen. Manchin questions VA Secretary regarding autoclave at Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center

Democrats voice concerns that veterans 'will be pushed into private care'

Pittsfield: Agent Orange veterans town hall planned

House Democrats block VA Choice reforms from spending bill

NJ Therapy Horse Honored For His Service To Veterans

Pelosi, Democrats Block Veterans Affairs Funding From Friday’s Omnibus Bill

The Law: How to afford long-term care

VA shares their top priority, suicide prevention

Fredericksburg seeks to bring largest VA outpatient clinic in country to Hylton property

A Koch-Supported Coup at the VA? The Veterans Health Administration Risks Being Dismantled

Under new accountability act, VA employees fear one mistake will cost them their jobs

A ‘Temporary’ Measure To Save The VA Could Actually Kill It. Here’s How

Artificial empathy: Call center employees are using voice analytics to predict how you feel

Women In Medicine Shout #MeToo About Sexual Harassment At Work

Huge crowd at Yountville memorial honors women who ‘dedicated their lives’ to vets

Report: Hundreds Of Veterans In Missouri And Kansas Lost Out On Care At Non-VA Facilities

Heller proposes bill to guarantee mental health care benefits for discharged veterans

Lawyer: Ex-VA worker subject of around 100 lawsuits

Veterans Village filled to capacity; fundraising efforts continue

Oklahoma City VA hospital partially evacuated due to chemical spill

Veterans with type 2 diabetes improve blood sugar control using telehealth

From America’s Warriors To Victims Of Its Opioid Epidemic

North Carolina veteran inaccurately declared dead by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Editorial: Abolish veterans hospitals

UPDATE: Four Clark County residents indicted for fraudulent fundraising

Q&A with former VA Secretary Bob McDonald

Potential scam targets veterans

Trump eyes “Fox & Friends” personality Pete Hegseth to take over Veterans Affairs

The VA has a bounty hunt on cancer care

VA Secretary Shulkin might be next to be shown the door by Trump, replaced by Rick Perry

Wave Of Firings At VA Targets Working Staff, Not Top Officials

Former VA doctor blows whistle on her death bed, accuses VA medical center in Leeds of systemic failures


Only Congress can end horror stories at the VA

Veterans, Doctors Alike Stranded as Vet Choice Fails to Pay its Bills

Study: NY health care providers not equipped to handle veterans

Marco Rubio asks VA to investigate Miami facility over HIV testing discrepancies

‘It’s killing the agency’: Ugly power struggle paralyzes Trump’s plan to fix veterans’ care

VA Whistleblowers: A look from the inside

Shulkin's Actions During Obama Admin Put Patients At Risk: Report

Veterans Are Active on Facebook. But Not When They Need Help.

US law poses dilemma for dying vets seeking lethal drugs

VA chief outlines changes at hospitals nationwide following report alleging mismanagement

Failed leadership at Veterans Administration put patients at risk, watchdog reports

Kansas City Judge Finds VA's Negligence Led To Iraq Veteran's Suicide

Hazle Twp. man among 4 arrested in Veterans Affairs drug investigation

Prescription opioids fail rigorous new test for chronic pain

Give VA Secretary David Shulkin the Boot

Initiative Aims to Help Veterans with Mental Illness

Phoenix VA cited for leaving chemicals, other dangerous items near veterans with mental health problems

WATCH LIVE: VA Secretary speaks on veteran mental health crisis

Burn pits at US bases in Iraq, Afghanistan blamed for veterans' illnesses

Solving The Crisis Of Care At The VA, Part I: A Path To Address Staff Shortages

VA: Supervisors reassigned, other changes underway in response to investigation report

Focusing On Employment Early Improves Success In Veterans with PTSD

Acupuncturists Now Included in the Veterans Health Administration

How We Will Win the War on Opioids

After combat, treating mental illnesses is the new battle

Top VA aide allegedly lobbied Congress to call for Dr. Shulkin's resignation

What is going on at the VA?

The Commission on Aging report

Commentary: Drugs companies ARE getting away with murder

White House meets with veterans groups amid dispute at VA, tension over access to health care

Google’s DeepMind teaches AI to predict death

Shulkin Claims Trump's Backing to Remain Amid Political Infighting

Foreign Google Company To Data Mine Veterans Health Records To Make App

Alphabet’s DeepMind and VA want to use AI to study patient deterioration

Court determines military burn pits caused lung disease in service members

Vietnam vet's final fight

7 Investigates: VA’s promise to reimburse veterans billions for improper medical bills may not be kept

Advocates push for expanded veteran health services as addiction struggles continue

VA watchdog to say chief wrongly accepted Wimbledon tickets, airfare, but his lawyers blast findings

Doctors skate in bribery scandal sparked by Seattle informer

So Much For Accountability Act, VA Employee Who Lied To Investigators About Fraud Scheme To Enrich Brother Not Fired

VA and Marijuana – What Veterans need to know

Governor denies clemency to Army veteran with green card who is facing deportation

Colorado Vet Fights a New Battle Over Pot Treatment for PTSD

Kentucky VA medical director resigns amid whistle-blower retaliation allegations

Common drug for PTSD doesn’t stem nightmares, sleep problems in veterans

“No shutdowns, no parades”: Mike Coffman says President Trump needs to focus on immigration and veterans issues

Conservative vets group plans multimillion-dollar campaign for 2018 mid-terms, starting with Tammy Baldwin

Veterans Affairs: Sheila Mott’s demotion to be reviewed by Merit Systems Protection Board

Veteran sues VA over therapist who made sexual advances, asked to marry him 

An All-Too-Easily Forgotten Veterans Scandal in Wisconsin Resurfaces
John Carter: Fighting for those who have fought for us

Local VA clinics reduce opioid use for Veterans with alternative treatment

Events explore caregiver resources, VA benefits

Managing 'Shadow IT' Risks in Healthcare Settings

VA to Get “Aggressive” with Hospital Quality Improvement Program

VA: Leadership change a necessary step to improve veteran care

A second chance: Judge establishing Veterans Treatment Court in 19th District

Roseburg VA director ousted

VA announces aggressive new approach for low-performing medical centers

Ketamine could help veterans with PTSD, but clinics may be jumping the gun

John Kelly Rips Congresswoman for Disclosing Call to Gold Star Family... 

VA Proposed Rule Would Expand Telemedicine and Override State Licensure Barriers

Union workers blame VA Secretary Shulkin for staff shortages at veterans hospitals

CannaVision Secures Next Medical Cannabis and Pain Management Clinic Facility on Bay Pines Blvd. Across from Bay Pines VA Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida

VA whistleblower: Agency is trying to "scare me away' through retaliatory actions
Rural Vets’ Care Suffers as VA Searches for Thousands of Providers

Wall Street Journal: Is Secretary Shulkin Set To Leave Veterans Affairs?

6 Ways VA Can Improve Administrative Management of Care Delivery

Veterans’ Advocates Urge Congress To Pass Bill Making VA Issue Grants For PTSD Service Dogs

ER Billing Nightmare: Veteran sent to collection agency for misfiled claim 

VA whistleblower exposes improper claim rejections

VA Steps Up Efforts To Help Veterans Fighting Opioid Addiction

Department of Veterans Affairs Fast Facts

VA tightens oversight after outrage over conducting experiments on dogs, then killing them

Ken Burns’ new documentary looks at the Vietnam War

VA hospitals flooded with complaints about care

Mid-Michigan vet battling cancer claims VA denied him treatment

VHA Budget Cuts Threaten Veteran Safety


Meet the man picked to fix the Memphis VA, one of the most troubled in the nation

Our Vietnam Voices: In specialized treatment court, no veteran is left behind

North Carolina program helps put veterans into homes after service

Syracuse nurse collected $72,000 in false workers' comp payments, prosecutor says

Council urges action to prevent suicides, falls from parking garages

More VA employees willing to whistleblow

Guilford WWII vet receives 10 medals 72 years later

12 Female Veterans Pose For Pin-Up Calendar To Raise Money For Hospitalized Military Heroes

Rep. Doggett Defends Veterans Choice Act

VA To Pay Iowa Vet $500,000 To Settle Suit Over Treatment

Privatization is not the way to strengthen veterans care

Exclusive: Botched surgery, delayed diagnosis at a one-star 'house of horrors' VA hospital

Study of marijuana’s effects on PTSD struggles to recruit vets

Killer fish in VA waters

His ruse as a blind man worked — until he was caught driving

Vietnam Vets Still Battle PTSD, Brain Injury

Military veterans took care of us, deserve best care from us

Decline in Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction Driven by Prescription Drug Costs, J.D. Power Finds

Cerner Announces Advisory Group to Improve Health Care Delivery for Veterans

Whistleblower says 'Veterans Choice' program leads to new waiting list

Former doctor is convicted of performing unnecessary genital exams at a VA hospital

Law aims to ease claim appeals backlog, but vet groups had to give up some protections

VA fighting to reduce growing problem of veteran suicides

VA roadblock hinders study on cannabis as PTSD treatment for veterans, researcher says

Shooting death raises questions about veterans’ mental health

VA has a new 'wait-list' problem – the backlog to see an outside doctor

Virtually homeless Vietnam vet starting to get answers after coming to "Orlo Wants to Know"

VA secretary: Years before we get VA Health Care where we need it

House rejects bill to fix VA's budget gap after vets protest

Report: VA’s enrollment system lacks effective governance, oversight

Union calls for Veteran Affairs to fill thousands of job vacancies

Higgins, Collins call infection risk notice to Buffalo VA patients 'troubling'

500+ patients potentially infected by dirty endoscopes at Buffalo VA Medical Center

VA doctors to treat patients outside hospital, new town hall meeting scheduled 

Kilili: Choice providers triple for Marianas vets

The VA is deeply, thoroughly broken

‘It’s a Deep and Unique Brotherhood’

North Texas mom loses son; now hopes to help families dealing with PTSD 

Little evidence that marijuana helps chronic pain, PTSD, studies find

The New England Veteran's Alliance Is Using Cannabis As A Gateway Drug To Wellness

Devaluing human life is no way to thank wounded veterans for their service

Schumer calling on V.A. to aid veterans suffering from "Agent Orange"-borne cancer

VA secretary responds to whistleblowers on NH hospital

A SOLDIER’S LIFE: K9 Warrior helps Army veteran cope with PTSD

Veterans Journal: VA caregiver support program back to full operations


Gold Star Mothers support those who have children die while serving

Whistleblowers Come Forward Over Problems At New Hampshire VA Hospital

VA expands telehealth access

Sen. Tammy Duckworth Introduced Legislation To Stop The US From Deporting Veterans

Ickes: Conclusions on Brandon Ketchum suicide; 'Shortcomings' in VA treatment

Current State of Veterans Affairs serving our nations best

Jared Golden's new law aims to improve mental health care for veterans

President's empty promises to assist veterans shameful


Head of D.C. veterans hospital fired after new inspector general’s report

Whistleblower gets job in new accountability office at Trumps' VA

Widow wants to know how Marine got drugs before fatal overdose in VA lockdown

Project to house families of wounded vets hits snag

Pittsburgh mayor's chief of staff on Capitol Hill because of abandoned VA hospital

Ocala LPN earns VA honor

The Government Needs To End Its Military “Freebies” Recruitment Tactics

House moves to extend choice program, end VA budget crisis

AP FACT CHECK: President Trump’s phantom VA reform claims

Bill Allowing Veterans Doctors to Recommend Marijuana Blocked by GOP

Veteran counseling helps

Wait times at Colorado VA facilities among worst in the nation, new data show

My Turn: Give veterans real health care – and save money

‘Deaf ears’ no longer as veterans confront new director at Manchester VA

Veteran’s Care Stymied by Lack of Staff at White River Junction VA

"A step backwards": Palm Springs reacts to Trump's transgender military ban

Wait times at VA hospitals could jump after failed House vote

Why is VA whistleblower retaliation continuing despite new protections?

Veterans deserve better than shabby treatment they've received

Here we go again with talks of privatizing the VA

Senate health care bill leaves many Alaskans, including veterans, behind

Editorial: Drug-price measure carries terrible side effects

Sen. Jim Inhofe: VA centers need more outside oversight

Manchester VA whistleblower prioritizes patient care, facility conditions

Vet groups urge House to reject plan to fix VA's budget gap

Vets Are Using Transcendental Meditation to Treat PTSD—With the Pentagon’s Support

Report Reveals the Need for Improvements to the VA Suicide Hotline

VA private-doctor referrals are in trouble due to dwindling funds

House unveils plan to fix VA's budget gap as deadline looms

Texas veteran affairs office denies most Gulf War claims

Positive Psychological Intervention Effective on Osteoarthritis

More mountain doctors cutting back on painkiller prescriptions

Veteran Healthcare often means trek to Columbia

Bill Would Expand Health Care Access For Veterans

‘Same old waiting game’ for VA facility

GAO Identifies VA Provider Productivity Measure Shortcomings

Veterans start to lose Choice health care options as VA funds run dry

Trump nominee says winning back vets' trust needs to be a top VA priority

Cerner's Genesis goes live at second DOD site as Senate passes VA funding bill

Burst pipe at Manchester VA hospital causes 'severe water damage'

Government Has Become Just A Jobs Program

Mental Health Under Attack: Veterans Among Those To Pay The Price

Will County State's Attorney, Hines Hospital and local VAC team to provide IT training for local vets

Manchester VA whistleblowers surprised by reaction

Newburyport doctor behind VA hospital shakeup

Better Management of VA Assets Sought

Leader of group of deported US veterans in Mexico speaks out

Nets Blackout Trump Admin Cracking Down on Dangerous VA Facility 275 Shares

Brady Briefing: Strengthening Our Military and Holding the VA Accountable


America’s Biggest Publicly Funded, Fully Integrated Health-Care System Is Under Attack

How VA Reform Turned Into a Fight Over Privatization

Veteran carries weight of war

Washington grad uses Army experience to help fight suicide

VA secretary vows to bring down veteran suicide rate

Tulsa World editorial: Veterans Affairs finally making progress

At a four-star veterans’ hospital: Care gets ‘worse and worse’

  Lawmakers call for full review of outdated and crumbling VA facilitis

Tribune Editorial: Someone finally steps up to help hungry veterans

Family seeks Purple Heart for late WW II veteran

Can the Trump Administration Deliver on its Promises to War Veterans?

Hepatitis C can be cured: Should you get tested?

VA’s first public list of fired employees includes Texas workers

Trump administration has fired more than 500 VA employees since January

VA Expands Emergency Mental Health Care To Vets With OTH Discharges

VA whistleblower fired, accuses medical center of forging documents

Traumatic brain injury in veterans -- differences from civilians may affect long-term care

The CHIC’s war on veterans

 Senator Ted Cruz Talks VA, Obamacare Repeal, And North Korea

 “These people saved the world” – The Story of Loudon Park National Cemetery

Groups worry Medicaid cuts will hit veteransVeterans organization finds a home

Richmond-area veteran with PTSD struggles against VA system to receive benefits

Usama Bin Laden's Killer Turns Twitter Wrath To 'Awful' VA

Vets and reps convince Trump administration to back off disabled and elderly benefits

VA’s foray into Internet of Things faced ‘catastrophic failure’

Pinkerton: Five Takeaways from the Senate’s Stalled Effort to Undo Obamacare

Has anything really changed for our armed services since the days of Kipling's Tommy?

Single-Payer Healthcare Would Be Bigger Disaster Than VA System

I-Team: Veterans Complain: No Choice For Medical Care

Nurses Protest Outside VA Hospital in LR

Trump's breakthrough for veterans

Single-Payer Healthcare Would Be Bigger Disaster Than VA System

Vets give VA care mixed reviews

In abandoning VistA, VA faces culture change that’s ‘orders of magnitude bigger’ than expected

ABC, NBC Egregiously Ignore New VA Reform Bill Becoming Law, Troubles at L.A. V.A. 

Nurses Protest Outside VA Hospital in LR

When the Veterans Health Administration commits medical negligence  [SOFREP Original Content]

At Pierre VFW meet: Rounds, Thune praise Trump signing VA whistleblower bill

Trump signs VA reform bill, making good on a campaign promise

Veterans: should it really take a congressman to schedule a mammogram?

Veterans speak out on health care bill, say it could hurt 2 million on Medicaid

Veterans Affairs facing $1 billion shortfall because of unexpected Choice program costs

Upturn in Number of VA Medical Malpractice Claims in Georgia

Lawmakers Scold VA as They Seek to Fix Its Sudden Budget Gap

Still Fighting at Home: Transgender Veterans Caught in the Flux

What Socialized Medicine Is and Isn't

Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin plans integration for VA, private health sector services

Yes, Trump is privatizing the VA

OIG finds 'lack of proper cleaning' at Shreveport VA hospital

New VA leader supports efforts to help WWII vets exposed to mustard gas, McCaskill says

Democrats criticize Trump's budget plan as hurting VA care

APNewsBreak: Ex-VA exec 'astounded' by cost of hospital


Draining Swamp at Veterans Admin. Ignored By ABC, CBS, Univision & Telemundo 1767 Shares

House Sends VA Accountability Bill To President’s Desk

House approves bill creating more accountability at VA after string of scandals

President Trump’s immigration ban will decrease veterans’ access to medical care


DAV commander says Villages veterans could lose homes if Trump budget enacted

As wait times creep up at Omaha VA hospital, officials look to new initiative, more hiring for help

Vet groups endorse VA’s call to replace Choice with CARE plan

Arizona researcher stubborn in fight to study pot as PTSD treatment

APNewsBreak: No perjury prosecution over costly VA hospital

House to Act on VA Accountability; Dems Wary on Private Care

APNewsBreak: Grassley says VA lied about Iowa wait times

Senate OKs bill to make firing employees easier for VA

Press Briefing by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and VA Secretary David Shulkin, 6/5/2017

Caldwell: VA Act would prevent abuse and neglect of veterans

VETERANS AFFAIRS: Vets with PTSD have 'Fairness' on their side

Will VA chief be voice of reason on climate change and medical marijuana in Trump administration?

Caldwell: VA Act would prevent abuse and neglect of veterans

Community Voices: Evaluating the VA locally and nationally

VETERANS AFFAIRS: Vets with PTSD have 'Fairness' on their side

Will VA chief be voice of reason on climate change and medical marijuana in Trump administration?

Four things to take away from Hines VA director's visit to La Salle

What Veterans Face Under a Broken VA

Proposed VA Benefit Cut Angers Elderly, Disabled Vets

Head of VA Seemingly Supports Medical Marijuana

Shulkin unveils sweeping reforms for VA programs, operations

VA Needs Greater Firing Power More Than a Larger Budget, Secretary Says

$28.611M VA Impact on Bandera County Veterans

Those Charged With Helping Veterans Share Their Views On Veterans Choice

Shulkin details 13 areas of improvement in his diagnosis of VA

Vets Call Veterans Choice 'A Piece Of Cake,' 'A Nightmare,' And Everything In Between

VA still in critical condition, Secretary David Shulkin says

VA secretary again rejects non-vet Bucks doctor's burial at Washington Crossing National Cemetery

The long road home: Vietnam vet James Hill shares story at Morris Township Memorial Day program

Tweaks Made To Veterans Choice, But Overhaul Remains Elusive

AP Report: Feds investigate dozens of new cases of possible drug theft from Veterans Affairs hospitals

Suspected drug thefts persist at VA hospitals after 'zero tolerance' announced

Legion on Proposed VA Benefit Cut: 'Stealth' Privatization Attempt

Vietnam vets and local advocate still battle Agent Orange impact

Veterans Affairs warns of Choice Card scam

Disabled Elderly Veterans Thrown Under Bus, DAV, Legion Silent On Cut Proposal, AMVETS Speaks Out

Veterans Affairs hospital staff knew of roaches on food trays but didn't get rid of them, report finds

Jerry Moran: Veterans need care they can trust

No wonder military veterans flock to Florida

Veterans' health care or veteran bureaucracy featherbedding?

Memphis VA disputes claim that worker was paid during 60-day jail sentence

AFGE Union President Cox Complains To Senate About Accountability

Spouse files suit seeking $2 million from VA over wrongful death allegations

VA inventory reveals thousands of dollars in missing items

Montclair boy donates 3,000 comics to soldiers, vets

Calling for widespread support of Trump's plan to halt corruption in the VA

Live On Stand For Truth Radio With Susan Knowles

Congress must act to better the healthcare of America's veterans

Senate Introduces Bipartisan VA Accountability Bill Streamlining Firing Process

Lawmakers reach deal to ease firing of VA employees

Baldwin, bipartisan coalition propose bill to protect VA whistleblowers

Tucson VA one of four in nation to offer service for transgender vets

Veterans Choice Improvement Act a step in the right direction

Judge blocks VA from firing corrupt employee who failed veterans

New VA Health Care Bill Can Help Mesothelioma Patients

New Director Says Ill-Serving VA At 'Turning Point' In State

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin seeking to close more than 1,100 facilities nationwide

Former Phoenix VA director's firing overturned by federal appeals court

New Veterans Affairs Chief: A Hands-On, Risk-Taking ‘Standout’

VA asks Senate to ease telemedicine licensing restrictions: 5 things to know

VA wants to make telehealth part of its day-to-day business, but says state licensing laws stand in the way

Viewpoints: 5 signs the VA crisis is improving

Memphis VA whistleblower rides cycle of scandals

Audit: Wait times still a problem at NC VA hospitals

Vets Air Grievances to Acting Director of Flagship VA Medical Center


How is President Trump Doing on Improving Veterans’ Healthcare?

Shreveport whistle blower applauds firing of VA director

VA officials illegally accessed whistleblower’s medical records

Problems continue to plague VA health care system

VA hospitals outperform mainstream facilities on readmissions, mortality rates

Sunlight at the VA: Positive signs at an agency plagued by scandal


Accountable: VA problems require stronger oversight

Mental health care for Maine veterans falling short

'What I can give is me': Attorney now heads Henry County vets commission

Paralyzed vet gets first 'robotic legs' from San Diego VA

Veterans filing benefit appeals face long waits

Trump signs bill allowing veterans to seek care outside broken VA system

Sens. Moran and McCain: A great day for veterans and Veterans Choice

NJ Launches Health Care Option for Active Duty, Retired Military

Sen. McCain announces new program aimed to help Valley vets get medical care

VA tests partnership with CVS to reduce veterans’ wait times

VA Secretary wants vets to have more private health care options

Patient wait times at Pittsburgh VA are second longest in Pennsylvania

What One Watchdog Group Found At One VA Medical Center Will Shock You (Maybe)

Mismanagement at DC VA Hospital is 'Unconscionable' Says VA Union

Chicago-area VA hospitals post higher infection rates than private peers

Watchdog warns of 'unnecessary risk' to VA hospital patients in DC

Veterans Affairs launches wait-time and quality-transparency tool

Service dog dispute with VA police leaves veteran with injured shoulder, a bleeding dog and federal charge

VA Whistleblower Reports Retaliation

To spot suicidal veterans, VA turns to predictive analytics tool

VA defends work to fix troubled veteran suicide hotline

Veterans Affairs Almost Gave Away Veteran MVP Genomic Data To Russian Affiliated Company

Nevada’s VA hospitals recognized for LGBT-friendly policies

New Deputy Secretary: VA Health Care System Is ‘Out Of Whack’

Some South Texas veterans suffering from mental illness get in-home treatment

Our view: Living up to our promise to vets

Vets Say Marijuana Treats PTSD, but Their Doctors Can't Prescribe It

'Deborah Sampson Act' Aims to Provide Equitable Care to Woman Veterans at VA Hospitals

TN veterans file formal complaints after VA cuts back on opioids

Congress Determined To Keep Private Sector In Vets’ Heath Care

Watchdog: Veterans Affairs Has Not Fixed Suicide Hotline Problems

Whistleblower wins discrimination case, and award, against VA

A 40-year 'conspiracy' at the VA

Health choice creating big workload at Hampton VA

House passes Phil Roe’s bill to give VA more power to discipline employees

Trump’s Proposed Budget May Finally Give Veterans Their Due

Trump portrait not up in VA hospital, so US rep has it hung — but hospital doesn’t like that one bit

Vets blast ‘Aleppo Liz’ for immigrant focus

Veterans Affairs budget is in line to grow by 6 percent

New St. Cloud VA director: Keep veterans first

Thousands of Veterans and Their Families Would Lose Insurance Under the AHCA

Veterans Affairs budget is in line to grow by 6 percent

Steamboat rancher Jim Stanko meets with congressional committee to lobby for vet's rights

New Orleans' old VA hospital picked for homeless shelter

Workshop offers training on preventing veteran suicide

Veterans fight West Palm Beach VA hospital over refusal to put up Trump’s image

An Accountable Veterans Administration and Justice for Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs Plans to Expand Mental Health Coverage

Vets outraged portraits of President Trump, Sec. of VA taken down from local VA Center

Parking Lot Suicides: Veterans Found Dead In VA Parking Lots

VA Plans to Test Several New Ways to Limit ‘Choice’ Plan Costs


Head of VA disputes McGuire wait-time audit

Veterans In The US: President Donald Trump Fails To Attend Meeting With VA Group

House panel moves new disciplinary rules for VA employees

VA secretary urges extension of troubled Choice program

Donald Trump’s hiring freeze brings concern

Arizona man awarded $2.5M in medical lawsuit vs. VA hospital


VA costs could balloon with 'choice' reform, new Agent Orange ailments

VA Whistleblowers Beware: Tweeting Under Trump is No Two-Way Street`

VA Wrongful Death Lawsuits Continue To Climb

We need to take better care of our veterans

VA overmedicating veterans

Two stars and counting: Roseburg VA changing culture

Chairman Roe Introduces Legislation to Bring Accountability to VA

VA Secretary Shulkin: Expect boost to veterans spending

Photos showing patients being ignored at North Carolina VA cause uproar

New Yelp-style app for veterans calls out poor care

Huge Increase in Opioid Theft, Missing Prescriptions at VA Hospitals Prompt Federal Investigations

VA pledges more inspections, drug tests to stem opioid theft

How can the White House better focus on veterans needs?

Former Employees Say CEO Of Veteran Org IAVA Pressured Them To Falsify Grant Reports

Whistleblower: VA about to trash hundreds of thousands of veteran applications

Vietnam Veteran claims VA won't pay for emergency care

Veterans Giving Up on the VA Healthcare System?

‘Make Killing Great Again’ sign turns up at Atlanta VA

Drugs vanish at some Veterans Affairs hospitals

Colorado veterans cautiously optimistic about new VA Secretary David Shulkin

Va Grants And Loans Home Loan

GAO report: VA remains a ‘high risk’ for waste and mismanagement


Trump's new VA chief, lone holdover from Obama administration, has Pittsburgh ties

New VA Secretary joins Trump on Twitter

Kilmer & Newhouse reintroduce bill to fix veterans healthcare system mismanagement issues

Press Club Newsmaker Features National Commander of the American Legion Charles E. Schmidt on Veterans’ Issues Facing the Trump Administration and Congress, Feb. 22

VA's National Salute to Veteran Patients

Mother shares newborn's sudden health scare to help other babies

Shulkin unanimously confirmed to head Veterans Affairs

The History Of The Veterans Administration

VA Choice Program: more problems than solutions for Kannapolis veteran

Boykin: Shulkin Poised to Address Concerns at the VA

Future of Veterans Health Administration's home grown EHR hangs in the balance

Brown Introduces Legislation to Support Workers at VA Health Centers

VA whistleblower says he's being harassed

'Vets continue to die': Phoenix hospital at center of VA scandal ranked among nation's worst

Veterans Seek to Keep Livermore VA from Closing

Event aims to aid veterans

Lost in inconsistency: How the Montana VA is failing both veterans and providers

3 VA employees accused of stealing drugs from Little Rock hospital

Health Care ‘Choice’ For Veterans Could Leave Many Without Options

Veterans Administration Benefits For Assisted Living For Widows

MDxHealth Awarded US Department of Veterans Affairs Contract for ConfirmMDx Testing

Elimination of VA system would be a huge loss

Senate committee votes 15-0 to advance Trump's VA secretary nominee

White House Implies Firing of Bad Personnel Will Be Part of VA Reform

Trump held his first VA listening session without veterans advocates

Tester Grills VA Secretary Nominee on Privatization, Veterans Choice Program

David Shulkin, Trump's VA pick, faces uphill battle to keep president's many promises

Time to Get the VA Out of Medical Care Delivery

After Serving, Handicapped Vets Suffer in Silence

Former Marine James McKenna wants the VA to help him with PTSD

Georgia Tech designs digital health platform for VA to pull in data from anywhere

Philadelphia V.A. hospital sued!

Editorial: Health care for veterans needs to be improved

VA to pay DaVita $538M for allegedly underpaying for dialysis services

Louisiana Overton Brooks VAMC Director Removed

Embattled Altoona VA Hospital appoints 5th leader in 11 months


Our View: Senate hearings should focus on VA's future

VA will pay DaVita more than $500 million in lawsuit settlement

New book provides blueprint for restoring Veterans Affairs healthcare delivery system

VA Spent Billions Without Denting Doctor Hiring Problem

Trump's VA pick pledges to save beleaguered agency

Legionella bacteria detected at VA Pittsburgh, system issues water restrictions

Veterans Choice Act not helping staffing or wait time problems at VA hospitals

Madison continues push toward zero homeless veterans

Shulkin could face tough questions on VA reform during Senate hearing

Naperville vet walks 22 miles to raise awareness for veteran suicides

VA Hospitals Still Struggling With Adding Staff Despite Billions From Choice ActListen·7:03

Conway on Trump travel ban protesters: Imagine if they had been outside VA hospitals

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs selects CGI for Community Care recovery audit services

VA Losing Employee Support, Opening ‘Gaps’ in Veterans’ Care

Shulkin expected to be easily confirmed to lead the VA

VA officials list jobs exempted from federal hiring freeze

Veterans van service traveled more than ever in '16

Veterans Affairs: Aurora VA hospital will be exempt from federal hiring freeze

Leading Republicans Ask Trump to Exempt VA Direct Providers From Hiring Freeze

VA health IT platform champion is gone, but project could survive

The best ways to support veterans in 2017

Days Into Trump Admin, Corrupt Employees Are Already Being Fired at the VA

Who will suffer from a government hiring freeze? Veterans.

Jake Leinenkugel to become senior White House advisor for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Mich. VA Hospital Settles Wrongful Death Suit For $175K

Senators hint at easy confirmation for VA secretary nominee

Privatizing Veterans' Health Care Isn't The Cure

Trump Orders Hiring Freeze for Some Federal Workers

Study finds that Opioid Safety Initiative reduced risky prescriptions for veterans

Collaboration is vital to ensure veterans receive safe, quality care

McDonald ‘Stopped The Bleeding’ At The VA, But Was That Enough?

Does Pick Of Shulkin As VA Head Indicate Trump's Views Are Evolving?

Wis. VA Doctor, Nicknamed ‘Candy Man,’ To Surrender License

Bob McDonald’s legacy: Trying to fix the VA amid constant conflict

Homelessness among veterans declined through Obama administration efforts (w/video)

Will Healthcare for Veterans Improve Under President Trump?

Will there be 'swamp draining' at the VA?

Veterans health care, troop levels, weapons all facing changes

Candid Veterans Affairs nominee faces big challenges to fix entrenched bureaucracy

Will Veterans Affairs Nominee David Shulkin Privatize the VA? We Don't Know

VA secretary paints rosy picture of agency in final report

Latest Phoenix VA Whistleblower Alleges Retaliation

Trump Meets with Former VA Deputy for Unfilled Cabinet Post

Veterans Affairs PTSD, Suicide Cover-Up ‘Morally Indefensible’

Donald Trump’s VA Secretary Pick Could Offer Hint on Privatization


Great signs of progress

Top contender for Trump's VA secretary withdraws

Still fighting, more than 40 years after Vietnam

Don’t Ditch The VA Now That It’s Finally Improving

2016 YEAR IN REVIEW: Strides and struggles in metro Aurora

Suicide kills more U.S. troops than ISIL in Middle East

The VA Hooked Veterans on Opioids, Then Failed Them Again

One tragedy is one too many: Increasing suicide rates of female veterans in Illinois

Still fighting, more than 40 years after Vietnam

Trump weighs giving vets a private-care alternative to VA medical services after campaigning on promise to 'ensure every veteran has the choice'

Trump transition floats more private options for veterans' health care

Trump considering 'public-private option' for VA reform

Trump Said to Discuss Veterans’ Care Overhaul With Hospital CEOs

Members of Tri-State Delegation Asks VA for Answers About Reduction of Hot Springs Services

VETERANS CORNER: VCL improvements a key priority

The One Problem That Will Make Or Break Trump’s Pick For VA Secretary

Harvard Business Review Got VA Sec McDonald Legacy Wrong

McGregor: The next VA secretary should be reform-minded.

Region benefits if Trump taps Quinonez for VA Secretary

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and the push to privatize the VA

Albuquerque veterans’ hospital gets lowest score

VA’s efficiency at issue as Trump’s time nears

VA Discloses Ratings of Its 146 Medical Centers

VA asks Congress to repeal cuts to agency’s award and incentive spending

Purple Heart vets bring Christmas to women veterans

Moulton's VA bill becomes law

Two Vietnam Vets Frontrunners for VA Secretary

Trump VA Contenders Said to Include Cleveland Clinic’s Cosgrove

Editorial: VA hospital secrecy and excuses a disservice to vets

Campus mental health services are helping veterans succeed in college

Here’s Why A Military OffiMoulton's VA bill becomes lawcer Might Be A Terrible Pick For The Next VA Secretary

VA Cuts Rockland Vet Hospital Shuttle: Protest in New City

USA Today misleads with anti-VA mindset

Decades later, local Vietnam veterans still battling Agent Orange

Fox News Is Where Hopefuls Are Auditioning For Trump's Cabinet

The Children of Agent Orange

Sick Marine still waits for the help he was promised

VA Employees Include Child Molesters, Rapists and Kidnappers

Trump Under Increasing Pressure to Keep Obama VA Secretary

Paralyzed Veterans of America Executive Director Corrects the Record on Support for VA Secretary in the Trump Administration

Sources: Veterans Affairs misleading Trump on health of agency


VA Decision Keeps Veterans Waiting for Timely Anesthesia Care

How Trump can fix the deadly Veterans Administration

Concerned Veterans for America - A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

USA TODAY has a negative narrative in their VA coverage

Veterans act a bipartisan effort

Veterans Affairs Uses Clinton Executive Order To Preempt States Rights

Trump's Urgent Job: Clean Up the VA

Staff at Summerfield VA hospital prevent active shooter from harming anyone

Justice Department considers probe of VA perjury allegations

Recommendations Of The Department Of Veterans Affairs Commission On The Future Structure Of Veterans Health Care:

Obama PANICKING After Veteran’s Dead Body Found Rotting In VA Hospital… Here’s What We Know

Let me make myself freaking clear: this is PERSONAL

Outraged Vets: VA hospital death touted as proof of Obama and Democrats indifference

VA Leaves Corpse In Shower Room, VSOs Gush Over Sec McDonald?

Commentary: VA officials dispute USA Today story's findings

The Veteran

Obama’s Chamber of Horrors: VA hospital deaths touted as proof of indifference to military vets

Sec McDonald Lashes Out Over Negative USA TODAY Article

VA staff left veteran's body in shower nine hours

Helping homeless veterans, one RV trip at a time

Veterans share health care straight talk with VA brass

Deroy Murdock: Pete Hegseth can fix the Veterans Administration

Pete Hegselth not qualifed for Sec. of Veterans Affairs

Raul Ruiz VA bill passes House

Phoenix veterans hospital gets VA's worst ranking

Wilmington VA placed on internal "high risk" watchlist

Outgoing House VA Chairman Jeff Miller Scores One Last Legislative Win

Lawmakers punt major VA issues to next Congress

Exclusive: Internal documents detail secret VA quality ratings

Democrats' misleading claim that Concerned Veterans for America wants to 'privatize' VA

GAO Report: Veterans Affairs Still Failing Women Veterans

A veteran's call to action for President-elect Trump

Editorial: The next VA secretary

House Marine Vet Vows to Oppose Mattis

Relentless VA critic Miller could be tapped to run agency

OUTRAGE! VA Workers in Oklahoma Resign After Veteran Is Found With MAGGOTS In His Wound

Veteran-suicide epidemic has many causes

U.S. Rep. Steve Lynch ‘wholeheartedly’ backs Scott Brown for VA

Veterans groups fear Trump will 'burn down' VA

Roe elected as chairman of House Veterans’ Affairs Committee

Trump VA moves already hint at major shakeups for the department

VA hospitals in Iowa to provide same-day access for veterans

Sarah Palin isn't qualified to lead VA 

VA Secretary Visits Hot Springs

Report: Trump considering Sarah Palin to lead an agency he often criticized on the campaign trail

Trump Considering Brown, Hegseth for VA Secretary

Veteran Treatment Centers –

Veteran's advocate lobbies Obama to pardon vets before leaving office

Veterans commission tours former state hospital

VA dentist may have infected veterans with HIV, hepatitis

Veterans affairs

For our veterans’ sake, appoint Miller VA chief and pass reform legislation

Whistleblower says patient suicides are rising at the Phoenix V-A

A Psychologist Says She Is Quitting The VA Because Of Donald Trump

VA works to restore lost veterans’ dignity

Bedford, Lowell VA overdose deaths probed

America’s veterans can’t wait for slow change

Health Policy Expert: Cut Free VA Care in Lieu of More Pay, Privatized Plans

Salem County Veterans Corner: Providing care, comfort at end of veteran's life

Head of VA community based clinic plans to retire

Veteran Access To VA Outpatient Care And Related Issues

Editorial: Remember A Vet season is here

Veteran gets wish of seeing his daughter’s wedding

A look at the final EIS

Donald Trump plans to fire federal workers faster

Trump's high-stakes decision for VA secretary

Scott Brown Eyed As VA Secretary

Arizona senators upset over problems at Southern Arizona VA - SFGate

Scott Brown Meets with Donald Trump About Cabinet Post

Report on Tucson VA wait times validates whistleblower's claims

Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center reaches out to female veterans with "Ladies' Night"

Secret waitlist for mental health services at Memphis V

Both Parties Agree, VA Should Answer Phones For Suicidal Veterans


Veterans Affairs whistleblower resigns, citing retaliation

Under Donald Trump, Harsh Critic of V.A. May Become Its Leader



30 Issues President-Elect Trump Needs To Address For The Military And Veterans

White House Official Warned VA About New Enrollment App; Records Crisis Continues

VA says online scheduling system to go live in January

Keeping our promises

VA Plan to Cover Gender-Confirmation Surgery Scrapped

The Final Report Of The Department Of Veterans Affairs Capital Asset Realignment For Enhanced Services Commission:

Veteran's Health Care: Why Idaho veterans are receiving massive medical bills

Veterans Journal: Top scams that target veterans

VA can't get it right

Disabled American Veterans seeks grant for new 

DR. WATTS: How can a veteran obtain a service dog and what do they do?

VA National Call Center Planned For Hot Springs

Women are a mighty minority in US military

Those helping veterans are getting their acts together, sort of

VA to launch online appointment scheduling

Whistleblower Faults VA Bosses for Problems With Vets Health Care

Suspension Of Medical Research At West Los Angeles And Sepulveda VA Medical Facilities

Advocates needed for veterans

Comment | 'Don't rush to failure' to build VA

Veteran Owned BrightStar Care Helps Veterans with Home Health Services

Pearce discusses education, jobs and veteran services

3 Days of Honoring Veterans at Husson University

OIG Hotline

Blumenthal Says Issues He Fights Aren't 'Small-Ball'

Veterans tell Donovan VA needs overhaul

Writing his memories of Vietnam War an antidote to his PTSD

VA gets many improvement ideas but often fails on evaluation, implementation

Duckworth Aims to Take on Military Issues in Senate

“One-Click” Resource Aims to Meet Veterans’ Transportation Needs

VA gets improvement ideas but often fails to implement

NJ lawmakers continue uphill battle for South Jersey veterans healthcare

Where They Stand: Veterans

Survey: Vets Back Trump's Plan for More Private Health Care

Veterans Stand Down event set for Friday

One N.H. Veteran's Push to Change VA's Naloxone Policy

Veterans Forced to Travel Thousands of Miles For Life-Saving Care

Veterans Affairs Doles Out Huge Bonuses Despite Corruption

Caring for the Geriatric Combat Veteran at the Veteran Affairs Hospital

VA Slow to Implement Reform after Wait-time Scandal

Stars & Stripes Report: VA slow to implement reform after wait-time scandal

These Facts About the Pentagon Might Surprise You

Veterans Choice expands health care options, creates billing confusion

Hospital Compare Data for Veterans Administration Hospitals Released

Obama Admin Targets Soldiers' Bonuses, Lets Bad VA Employees Keep Theirs

Alleged toxic condition at Providence VA blamed for health problems

Where Trump, Clinton stand on veterans' policies

Obama Admin Targets Soldiers’ Bonuses, Lets Bad VA Employees Keep Theirs

Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital Performance Data

VA treats patients’ impatience with clinical pharmacists

Salem Co. Veterans Corner: VA Telehealth services new benefit for vets

Investigation reveals VA shuffled managers and declared it 'new leadership': 5 things to know

VA touts patient satisfaction, but its findings are questionable

Feds look into claim of unofficial VA wait lists in Colorado

: Veterans Care Coordination Initiative Will Help Veterans Access Health Care Closer to Home

Veterans' Issues Have Been Missing From Debates, But New VA Bombshells Are Dropping

Veterans affairs take center stage in the 2016 US presidential election

Why it matters: Winner of election will need solutions for veterans’ health care

Contractors sickened by military burn pits left to fend for themselves

VA Clinic Leadership ‘Reform’ Really Just Shifting Managers Around


VA Stops Sharing Health Care Quality Data Online

Part of VA hospital in Hot Springs could be converted to a call center

US vets not receiving standard of care in vascular and cardiac surgery

Ruiz, Stone disagree on future of VA

Say never to the 'Never Again Act'


Vets Face Long Waits To Leave VA For Private Care

More ‘comprehensive reform’ for veterans

Veterans administration pumps more sources into Phoenix hospital –

Suspension Of Medical Research At West Los Angeles And Sepulveda VA Medical Facilities 

Sen. Ron Johnson: Veterans deserve easier access to quality health care

Washington Post Gives Obama ‘Four Pinocchios’ for False VA Claim

Once again, veterans deserve better

Paperwork lapse a problem for veterans

Arizona American Legion and Legion Auxiliary official visit

‘Whole bunch’ of facts don’t support Obama’s claim that many VA bosses were fired over scandal

Hearing On GAO Report On VA Inspector General Special Inquiry Regarding Patient Deaths ...

Kirk Ad Calls Duckworth 'Shameful,' Duckworth Ad Calls Kirk 'Disgraceful'

Easier access for veterans' healthcare?[Emilee Fannon]

Proposals To Limit Eligibility For VA Compensation To Veterans With Disabilities Directly Related To The Performance Of Duty

The Veterans Administration Must Be Overhauled

PLEASE Email Secretary Bob About Lack Of Hospital Data

Construction to begin on veterans apartments on VA campus

Whistleblowers cleared in Pennsylvania VA investigation

One-Third of VA Suicide Hotline Calls Go Unanswered Due to Government Employees Leaving Early

Rural VA medical centers to receive $215 million dollar boost

Veterans’ group charges VA with failure to fix health care system

Miller vs. McDonald: A clash of agendas and legacies for veterans

Hoeven unveils pilot project to help veterans deal with VA Medical Center

Nurse at VA hospital charged with stealing drugs for personal use

Inspector general report says problems persist at Phoenix VA hospita

Lawmakers concerned with record of new Phoenix VA chief

Davis pushes for reforms at VA with bill to help veterans access claims process

Madison VA Spent $300k On 2 Unusable Robots

Lawmakers question credentials of new Phoenix VA director

Read Donald Trump’s Remarks to a Veterans Group


VA nurse proposal lobbying fight plays out in comments

Trump Suggests That Soldiers With PTSD Aren’t “Strong”

The price of freedom is evident here

Reid announces $204 Million for Nevada Military, veterans projects[Jonathan Cisowski]

Dead Veterans Left to 'Decompose' in Illinois VA Morgue for Weeks

VA Employees' Union Endorses House Resolution to Strengthen Veterans' Health Care

Missing VA equipment

VA Hospital accused of neglecting unclaimed veteran's bodies for weeks

Bill sponsored by Rep. Newhouse requires VA hospitals to treat veterans

Obama Announces Progress in Veterans Health Care and Reducing Homelessness

The VA needs to make major reforms - now

Ballykelly firm wins contract to bring comfort to US veterans

VA hospital in Pittsburgh forced to move patients

Exclusive: Health Enrollment in Crisis

Religious Christmas carols to be allowed in veterans’ hospitals

Long Island Veterans Hospital is an Example of VA Failure

Lawmakers want perjury investigation over costly VA hospital

Hundreds of military, VA patients warned of dirty endoscope risk at Air Force Academy clinic

Inquiry finds 'gross mismanagement' in costly Denver VA hospital

Northport VA Officials: Vet Did Not Seek Treatment Prior to Suicide

Probe into Deaths & Alleged Fraud at Northport VA Medical Center

Why I Won’t Give Concerned Veterans For America ‘My VA Story’

Blog: Providing Telehealth for the Nation's Veterans

How Do You Get a Homeless Vet off The Streets?

Police officer charged in Dundalk shooting

Deaths, Fraud Allegations and an Inquiry Into a Long Island V.A. Hospital

Mismanagement Issues At The Charleston, South Carolina And Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs Medical Centers: 

REPORT: IAVA Wars To Cost $1 Trillion In Veteran Benefits, Healthcare

Women Warriors

VA protects problem employees

Here We Go Again, Another Bill Passes For VA ‘Accountability’

Veterans deserve better: #tellusatoday

Phoenix VA rolls out cleaning robots to prevent hospital-acquired infections

VA icon beats odds, celebrates 100 years

House approves bill to make it easier to fire at VA

Lawmakers seek aid for wrongly discharged veterans

Lawmakers Consider Bill Expanding VA Firing Powers

VA Defies Law Requiring Performance Data Be Made Public

Hill Hearing Spells Bad News for Veterans

VA quit sending performance data to national health care quality site

Homelessness is a challenge for VA center

Think the Military Personnel System is Broke? Examine the Federal Service System

Veterans, others say VA, including local facility, is 'broken'

TOM PHILPOTT: Commission defends integrating VA care and outside doctors

Cincy-area lawmaker: Make House members use VA for health care

Solar panels being built at Dorn Hospital and USC Medical School Complex

Veterans take complaints to VA officials

Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital on The Road To Recovery

VA Commission: We’re serious, dump VistA

Advocates seek to draft military spouses to help with mental healthcare

Election-Year Politics May Hamper Proposals to Reform VA

Man Convicted of Disability Fraud Claims He’s Actually Disabled

House Committee Votes to Subpoena VA Over Art Spending, Cost Overruns

Donald Trump Wrongly Corrected A Veteran About The Suicide Rate

House panel receptive to VA reform proposals

Implementation of lean processes shows potential to reduce surgical wait times at VA hospitals

How 'privatization' may solve the VHA physician shortages

Obama endorses plan for federal/private coordination of veterans' care

Cutting red tape: How the Augusta Warrior Project helps our veterans

Vietnam veterans struggle to navigate VA system

Lawsuit Filed Against a Wisconsin Veterans Affairs Facility

VA might be forced to disclose documents related to over-budget Aurora hospital

Obama rejects panel’s proposal for more oversight of VA health care system

Top VA brass says Phoenix hospital is off critical list, cites improvements

Daily Caller: Puerto Rico VA Offered $305,000 To Whistleblower

VA accountability still lacking

VA Awards $300 in SSVF Grants to Help End Veteran Homelessness

Someone to Talk to Upon Returning From War

Family of Marine Who Died at Wisconsin VA Center Files Suit, died from a toxic mix of more than a dozen drugs

VA: Ex-Marine Who Killed 3 in Baton Rouge Did Not Have PTSD

Commission Urges Reform of VA Health System Amid ‘Profound Deficiencies’

Did Veterans Affairs Outsource Its Veterans Crisis Line To India?

OUR OPINION: Two years after scandal erupted, VA problems continue

Task force looking for more landlords to house homeless veterans

One vet’s suicide symbolizes the rotten state of the VA

How Veterans Are Losing the War at Home

Congressmen: FBI, VA must probe vet's death outside hospital

BREAKING: Phoenix VA Director Suddenly Retires After Recording, Cites Health

ASU study examines brain injuries in vets looking to assimilate into civilian life


Who’s Scamming Veterans Now? Why, It’s the Koch Brothers, of Course!

Veteran Kills Himself in Parking Lot of V.A. Hospital... 
Denied ER Service...

Looks like the VA actually does fire people… if they blow the whistle on the VA

Veterans gather to voice concerns with the V.A.

Los Angeles VA Hospital Lost 30 Cars, Then Fired Worker Who Reported It

COFFMAN: VA undermines trust, accountability by refusing to disclose report on hospital construction failures

OPINION: Too many guns a threat to our rights

Don’t Dismantle the VA

Apartments for homeless veterans ready for tenants

Mismanagement Issues At The Charleston, South Carolina And Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs Medical Centers: 

Commentary: VA leaders focus on excuses instead of reforms

Telemedicine helps VA cut wait times, increase specialist access

There’s no excuse for workers at VA failing to do their jobs

Veterans Groups Back Lawmaker Demanding Freeze on VA Art Spending

Veterans rally for better health care at Vietnam Memorial Wall


Push-Up Challenge Hopes to Raise Awareness of Veteran Suicide

Meeks, McCarthy: Milwaukee's Soldiers Home will be saved

Rubio says he wrote, passed veteran affairs bill

Distance, delays and denial within VA's Organ Transplant Program

Studies Show Veterans Health Care Improving

Veteran Puts Huge Smack-Down On Veteran Service Organizations

Ernst cites Davenport veteran's suicide in call to fix VA

Stars & Stripes Donald Trump has ideas to fix the VA. Some have been tried before.

VA Caught Using ‘Ghost Panels’ Without Primary Care Doctors

VA expanding telehealth to meet growing needs of veterans

Report Finds VA Shoved Thousands Of Patients Onto ‘Ghost Panels’

Ogdensburg veteran Joe Cosentino dies after lifetime of service

Audit: 2,300 VA patients in Iowa, South Dakota were on 'ghost panels'

Military: Active Duty and Veterans

'Ghost panels' found at Iowa City VA hospital

Davenport vet's suicide at center of VA talks

Moran blasts VA for poor treatment of veterans

VA makes progress in meeting veterans’ needs

VA Extends New Hepatitis C Drugs to All Veterans in Its Health System

IG Report Finds Detroit VA Hospital Spent $300,000 on Never-used Televisions

Watchdog says VA has wasted millions on solar-energy projects

VA leverages IT to fix scheduling deficiencies

Surprise Inspections Show VA Health Care Improvement Since Phoenix Scandal

Vern Buchanan calls for federal whistleblower protections

Parents of 2 Benghazi victims sue Hillary Clinton for wrongful death, defamation

If Hillary Wins, More Veterans Will Die at VA Hospitals
Did Obama fix veterans’ heath care?

State looks to help veterans access VA care

ProMedica creates new program to help veterans

Institure Of Medicine Update On Veterans And Agent Orange: Hearing 

VA rule change will boost role of skilled nurses in treating veterans

VA Secretary makes a stop in Omaha

Kinzinger stands by his comments on CNN

Did Obama’s Bill Fix Veterans’ Health Care? It’s Complicated.

VA must fully staff its shiny new hospital in Aurora

Rides available to VA appointmentsHIDE CAPTION

VA ‘improvements’ come up short

PTSD’s effects linger for our vets

Loss of VA health-care providers worsens as demand for care goes up

Metro-east vets air complaints about V.A., medical careVeterans, political leaders have frank discussion about VA care 2:04
Hillary Clinton Email Archive (Searchable)

Barack Obama Slammed Over Ongoing Veterans’ Affairs Problems

ProMedica offering health care option for veterans

Two Years After Nationwide Wait Time Scandal, the Dallas VA Hospital Details Expansions


Editorial: Tragedy of war is treatment of veterans at home

Obama pledges to keep boosting V.A. spending, tells GOP to 'do something'

Obama to Announce Progress on Veterans’ Care Amid Trump’s Jabs

Did VA Just Apologize To Its First Phoenix VA Whistleblower?

Lattice Biologics Gains "Preferred Vendor Status" With the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

New Orleans gets $800K to house and give mental health services to homeless veterans, families

Pennsylvania’s VA Hospital’s rating falls precipitously

VA Health Care Eligibility Reform: Hearing Before The Subcommittee On Hospitals And Health Care Of The Committee On Veterans Affairs, House Of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, Second Session, May 20, 1992 And July 22, 1992

What It Would Mean to Privatize VA Health Care

Activists work to reduce veteran suicides


 EDITORIAL: Gazette meets more presidential Donald Trump

Rocky start for VA’s Choice program

Huelskamp leads roundtable discussions over VA care issues

Lead Letter: Reforms still needed at VA

How ‘The Fractured Republic’ Helps Us Understand The Veterans Affairs Scandal

VA Honesty Project

NewsChannel 7 Investigates | VA denying nearly 1 out of every 3 veterans’ emergency claims | Complete Series

7 Facts about Record-Breaking Response to VA Proposal to Improve Veterans' Access to Care
Sen. Moran plans for better healthcare access

JFL Losing Less, But Urgently Needs Tens of Millions

Treating pain without feeding addiction: Study shows promise of non-drug pain management

Lax care at VA led to lost legs, lawsuit says 

Report: VA Spent $20 Million on Art Amid Vet Care Scandal

VA names Tifton clinic manager

Trump Releases VA Plan

Trump’s VA Reform Plan Includes 24-Hour WH Hotline

VA Is Lying To Put Up Mystery Billboard

Marion VA looking for donations to fight homelessness for veterans

Katherine M. Jacobsen: VA proposal would maximize resources to reduce wait times

Telehealth is Here, But its Future is Uncharted

Hillary Clinton pledges VA reform, draws contrasts with Donald Trump on foreign policy

Veterans Administration is no help

With Some Exceptions, Care at Veterans' Hospitals Comparable to Other Health Systems

Trump vows to ‘make VA great again’ amid government reforms

Veterans Administration Rule Risks Lives!

VA Secretary says problems at Veterans Hospitals improving 

VHA 'emoji': Poop or ice cream?

Government files False Claims Act complaint against contractor

Healthcare Services Platform Consortium Launches Data-Standard Integration Initiative to Advance Healthcare Interoperability

Access still the main debate for VA health care commissioner, union leader


Alaska Veterans Administration takes medical appointing duty from contractor TriWest

Veterans Journal: A Rhode Island veteran's experience with the Camp Lejeune water pollution crisis

AT VA, A LONG LOOK IN THE MIRROR: Medical Center officials outline recent changes

No more sloppy fixes for veterans

'Choice,' privatization will dismantle VA's system of care

VA boasts 2 million vets on health program it wants to shrink

Senate passes addiction bill with VA reforms

Nursing Coalition Praises Commission on Care Recommendations to Improve Veterans' Healthcare

Tougher guidance on VA narcotics prescriptions headed to Obama's desk

Trying to Serve More Veterans Faster, VA Opens Door to Disability Fraud

VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System grapples with spike in veterans visits

Congress sends opioid bill honoring Simcakoski to president

Sad But Not Surprising: Report Shows ‘Profound Deficiencies’ at VA

VA union blasts recommendation to break up, privatize vets’ health care system

Veterans Health Administration Is Slow to Pay Non-VAProviders

Trump: I am the law and order candidate

Answer Man: VA privatization dead? No raise for retirees?

Wisconsin continues partnership with Veterans Assistance Foundation, ranked one of worst in nation

Let Veterans Get Civilian Medical Care

Trump: Plan to revamp veterans care will save lives

Outside the hall, Trump's Virginia Beach opponents have their say

Fewer Maine veterans wait for health care after added hiring, Togus officials say

Why Trump's plan for private doctors for veterans is controversial

Veteran Suicides Fuel Widespread Demands for Answers
Keep VA services in public sector
Trump focuses on changes in programs for military veterans

Allen West: There are 20 tragic deaths EVERY day Obama will NEVER mention

Candidates answer questionnaires from the Salina Journal

August primary election will have impact on veterans

VA center aims to gain vets’ trust amid misconduct investigation

New Mexico VA makes hospital access changes amid report

Senator Kirk Calls On VA Inspector General To Open Investigations Into Mental Health Treatment in Illinois VA Hospitals

RIFs, a new CIO and 3 other takeaways from VA Commission on Care


VA Fires First Negligent Officials in 18 Months

Commission to VHA, Congress: Blow up everything!

Veterans who favor GOP grapple with 2016 choice

Report on VA calls for sweeping reform

WSJ-Veterans Affairs Is Off Its Leash Again

Institure Of Medicine Update On Veterans And Agent Orange

Advocating for a Better Veteran Administration

Panel says VA should sharply expand private health care for vets

5 Things You Should Know About the VA’s Proposed Rule To Better Utilize APRNs in VA Hospitals

VA Health-System Overhaul Urged by Commission

VA Should Sharply Expand Private Health Care for Vets, ABC News

VA health care still has 'profound deficiencies'

VA panel's final report recommends broader health-care choices for veterans

Samsung Electronics Delivers Customized Galaxy Tablets with KNOX Security for Veterans and Military Families for Use at Fisher House Foundation Houses Nationwide

Veterans deserve better than the VA's proposed change for anesthesia

Perpetual Malfeasance and Excess at the Veterans Administration

Air Force veteran walks for brothers in armed forces

TRUMP - Veterans Administration Reforms That Will Make America Great Again

Veteran Probe in Houston: Appointment Data Disguised

Second exec moved from scandal-plagued Altoona VA hospital

3 things you may have missed from Congress this week

Plan removes physician oversight

Moran wants lead tests processed faster

Laws encourage alternatives to prison for veterans with PTSD

AUDIT: Despite Billions In IT Spending, VA Still Needs IT Update

VA commission health care report — contentious until the end

New Veterans Healthcare System director vows positive change

After a national scandal, New Mexico’s veterans health care is looking up

Workers stage picket over concern that Congress will close VA hospitals

Questions loom about the future of open source at VA

Union Conducts Nationwide Anti-VHA Privatization Protests

End-of-Life Care Quality Differs by Diagnosis, Study Shows

Should the Veterans Health Care System be Privatized?

Clinton Would Add Tens of Billions to VA Spending, Trump Even More

Montana hospitals hit hard by Veterans Choice not paying bills
Governor signs bill establishing program to help military medics transition into healthcare

AGFE Leader Warns Against Potential VA Hospital Downsizing

Vets struggle to win recognition, medical claims for illnesses

Veterans express frustration with VA care
The fight continues

Veterans hospitals may be privatized, and MI veterans aren't happy

How can VA Telehealth Services help you?: Salem County Veterans Corner

Vet groups uniting to defend VA oppose privatized care

VA watchdogs: Results, responsibility needed for agency IT updates

Workers protest outside Temple VA


Protesters picket in Tomah to save VA hospitals

Study Finds Post-op Cessation of Opioids Vastly Varies

Another VA Scandal: Clinic Caught Falsifying Wait Times For Veterans

OSC whistleblower bill passes House

Hundreds of appointment wait times manipulated at Texas VA facilities, watchdog finds

Michigan Workers Ready to Fight VA Hospital Closures

Veterans air concerns on health care

Army veteran battles to fund cancer treatment

As VA privatization debate heats up, federal union, VSOs back agency’s mission

Report: Wait times manipulated at Houston-area VA clinics

Investigation into VA Medical Center[Charlotte Ames]

Congressmen criticize 'broken' VA system

Anger over proposal to privatize VA care

Coffman blasts new accountability delays at VA

At Baltimore rehab center, discipline seen as key to ending veteran homelessness

Veterans seeking care face wait times, denials

Lawmakers Blast VA for Abandoning 'Fast-track' Firing Authority

Veterans exploring different recreational therapy options at Marion VA

LETTERS: Time to give the VA a break; it's not the weapon

Veterans’ health care in crosshairs of privatization forces

Aurora VA Facility 70 Percent Done At $1.5 Billion

Restoring the VA's promise to veterans

EDITORIAL: Obama's 'all-hands-on-deck' won't save VA

Forgotten soldiers from 3 wars honored on Flag Day

Restoring the Constitution would repay a debt to veterans

Ex-Cleveland VA Director William Montague to be sentenced for corruption crimes

Domino effect continues to topple Phoenix VA Health System execs

Montana VA Director Resigns Over Broken System

Proposed Board For A Privatized VA Would Push Vets Out In The Cold


Vietnam veteran draws for a cause

LETTER: TSA and VA are failing Americans


VA fires 3 more senior officials at troubled Phoenix hospital

New Legislation Would Let Vets Get Care Outside the VA

St. Louis VA Hospital close to hiring new director ‘soon’

US military veterans who were gassed deserve better from VA

VA Wait Times on the Rise, Again

$2.75B in Unexpected Healthcare Spending Impacts VA Budget

VA considers gender-confirming surgery for veterans

Lamborn-backed proposal would dismantle VA's health care system

House proposal would give VA hospitals to nonprofit corporation

For Doctors And Patients, 'Veterans Choice' Often Means Long Waits

AG Lynch Refuses to Defend Law to Speedily Terminate Wrongdoers

Obama backs 'terrific' VA secretary McDonald

Obama opposes privatization of VA health care

Attorney General Loretta Lynch flouts duty to defend federal law for veterans

Fired Phoenix VA Director Scores Legal Win, Sparks Outrage

West Palm VA hospital accused of ‘stonewalling’ congressional committee

Johnson and Weld Are Right, Clinton Is Wrong: Congress Should Privatize the VA

V.A. Looks to End Ban on Sex Reassignment Surgery for Transgender Veterans

Justice Dept. Backs Fired VA Official in Legal Challenge

Lawmakers furious at DOJ move that could protect fired VA official

Tomah VA hospital whistleblower: ‘It will not change’

VA takes heat over plan to let nurses treat vets without doc supervision

Body parts found in drain at Memphis VA Hospital

Donald Trump: Thousands of veterans die waiting for treatment from the VA

US Veterans' Hospital Hit With Patient Deaths from Opiate Abuse

Don’t Privatize the Veterans Health Administration

Letter: Don't paint the VA with so broad a brush

Refine focus on vets' care

Senate report confirms Reveal investigation into opiate overprescription at Wisconsin VA

VA Turns To CVS For Help With Patient Care

Senate investigation finds 'systemic' failures at VA watchdog

VA official takes blame for Tomah problems, says opioid prescriptions down

OSHA cites VA for improper biohazard waste disposal

At ‘Pain School,’ Veterans Learn To Manage With Fewer Pills

Senate probe finds VA watchdog botched Tomah vet care review

Obama says the U.S. must do more to care for its veterans and their families

EXCLUSIVE: Legal settlements at Veterans Affairs more than tripled since 2011, many due to medical malpractices

As veterans are honored, VA strives to serve better

Bob Dole on VA Secretary Robert McDonald: 'I Sing His Praises'

October trial set for man accused of abuse at Kansas VA - SFGate


Florence woman nation’s longest-serving VA volunteer

Phoenix VA hospital blocks medical marijuana presentation

Cincinnati VA warned about AWOL docs

Senator Ernst says Veterans Administration leader is a 'Cancer'

Phoenix VA blocks local doctor from giving lecture on marijuana study

Did the Program Meant to Rescue the VA Healthcare System Make it Worse?

VA Admits to Wrongly Declaring Over 4,000 Veterans Dead

Veterans Group Recommends Next President Dump VA Secretary

Mobile medical clinic joins Rolling Thunder cause to improve health care for military veterans

California VA health system pairs with walk-in clinics to serve veterans

Roger Williams Works to Ensure VA Accountability

VA Secretary Compares Long Hospital Waits To Lines At Disneyland

Veterans at risk of homelessness: Salem County Veterans Corner

Rust from air ducts closes VA hospital operating rooms

PBS Story Shows Longer VA Wait Times After 2 Years

Medical Marijuana: Congress Approves Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans In States That ...

Veterans still endure long waits even after Congress implements $10 billion fix

House votes to let VA doctors recommend medical marijuana

Senate stalls VA improvements

VA Crisis Center still transferring calls to backup center

Judge sentences former Phoenix VA Director Sharon Helman to probation

Veterans can't catch a break as “solution” to delayed medical appointments causes new set of ...

Two Years After the VA Scandal: Where Are We Now?

Attempted Fix For VA Health Delays Creates New Bureaucracy

Morgan named director of VA Health Care System

Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump Adviser Signals Plan to Change Veterans' Health Care

Delaware congressional candidate Sean Barney announcesveterans plan

A decade after nearly dying in Iraq, Barney says he would support veterans in Congress

VA relied on five-year old suicide data

Fairbanks veterans say 'Choice' program still not fixed

Two VA Employees Lauded For Their Work With Homeless Veterans

Widow alleges VA hospital failed to timely diagnose late husband's lung cancer

Senator fights for IVF coverage for veterans

A salute to nurses

Can Philadelphia's David Shulkin cure the VA?
Congressional candidates say veterans need more help, resources

Veterans can now get care at other health centers

Us Department Of Veterans Affairs - Bad VA, Bad Healhcare System

Purple Heart recipients honored during this year's military ball

Veterans complain about VA services

Veterans with PTSD served COCKROACHES at VA hospital

VHA reform still falling short

Veterans Affairs funds massive lung cancer treatment study at McGuire VA Medical Center

Report: VA office in Wichita manipulated data on appeals

Scandal-Plagued VA Overhaul Slow, New Accountability Sought 

VA needs changes

Report: VA Office in Kansas Manipulated Data on Appeals

Veterans vent about care

Helping veterans fight opioid battle

Disabled veteran's family seeks help to keep him at Sioux City care facility

Former congressman says veterans benefits need improvements

Angry Veterans Want Changes From VA

Veterans Continue to Suffer Under Obama Administration'sCare

Scamming the Country's Veterans: Efforts to Privatize VA Health System

Boy forced to call 911 after ex-military father Kerry Anderson shot and killed mother

Obama Took $2.6B from Veterans for Syrian Refugees

Jenkins presses VA on alleged sex abuse at Leavenworth facility

Overcrowding Forces Tennessee VA Clinic To Stop Accepting New Patients

Chuck Lauer: The tragedy of the VA continues

DEA Finally Approves Study on Cannabis and PTSD

Veterans' access to primary care lacking

Washington lawyer appointed VA watchdog

Facing An Influx Of Veterans, VA Clinics Near Clarksville Are Struggling To Fit Everyone In

Four Local Veterans Bestowed “Valley Patriot Hero VeteranAward” at Annual BASH!

Federal jury finds Kentucky veteran guilty of defrauding the Veterans HealthAdministration

Report: VA Shred Thousands of Documents Needed to ProcessHealthcare Claims For Waiting ...

Despite what the VA says, veterans still wait weeks to see a doctor

GAO Report: VA is Still Manipulating Wait Times For VeteransNeeding Care

Montana Hospitals: New VA Program Fails To Pay

VA health care reforms are underway, leaders tell panel

New Members Appointed to VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans

Gov't Watchdog Report Shows Veterans STILL Wait A Long Time For Health Care

How easy should it be to fire a fed?

Veterans Health Fix Failing In Montana

New GAO Report Reveals Something Still Unusual About VADocumentation for Veterans Care

IG Report: VA Has Been Shredding Documents Needed for Veterans' Claims

Veterans Affairs Admits: ‘We’re failing veterans’

Appropriations Committee approves MILCON spending bill

VA puts $624M Epic scheduling system contract on hold

Federal prosecutors launch legal action against former Veterans Administration Medical Center ...

Cincinnati VA hospital replaces chief of staff

IG report: VA has been wrongly shredding documents needed forveterans' claims

NEWT GINGRICH: The VA needs a radical overhaul

VA testing own patient appointment tool, puts Epic contract on hold

No one seems to want the top job at St. Louis VA

Epic stands to lose part of $642 million VA patient scheduling system contract

Broad Stripes, Bright Stars and Bold Students Raise Money for VA Hospital

Colorado delegation slams VA secretary over reform comments

American Legion demands investigation into conditions at Shreveport VA hospital

After leadership shakeup, what's the path forward?

VA scandal hits home

Why haven't the problems with veterans' health care been fixed?

VA Whistleblower: 'They Are Still Manipulating Data'

VA Choice Card Program Having Problems

Coffman issues bipartisan call for criminal investigation into VA hospital cost overrun

Sexual misconduct at VA Hospital in Leavenworth alleged in lawsuits

USA TODAY - VA wait list manipulation betrayed veterans

Former prisoners of war honored at VA luncheon

VA supervisors falsified wait times for care

Wait Times Doctored At WRJ VA

Despite pledge to reduce backlog, delays for veterans continue

Coffman calls for criminal probe of Aurora VA hospital project

Supervisors falsified U.S. veterans' wait time for care: USA Today

Unappealing: Backlog persists in resolving Vet health appeals

Awful: 31-Year-Old Army Veteran Dies From Cancer, Denied VA Benefits

Building bridges for veterans with PTSD

Veterans have more choices through local healthcare partnership

Congressman LoBiondo, Seeking 12th Term, Briefs SandPaper Editorial Staff

Report: Wait Times Manipulated at VA Hospitals in New Hampshire, Vermont

VA kept NH patients waiting

Cheyenne VA sees reforms after confirmed appointment manipulation

The Conservative Plan to Fix the VA Has Vets Hopping Mad

Strawman Proposal To Close VA Makes Veterans Fearful

VA still plagued by problems two years after scandal

Some health advisors suggest ending VA health care

In wake of suicide, Van Drew asks VA for changes

Care commission pushes end to VA health care

Report: VA Program Helped Reduce Homeless Veteran Hospitalization

Veteran Kills Himself After His Call To VA Hotline Goes To Voicemail

Beltway Plot to Dismantle VA Healthcare

Veteran health care program aims to raise awareness


Lawmakers: VA is denying hundreds of thousands of veterans’ 2nd Amendment rights

Ascension locations now option for veterans

Internal documents show Indianapolis VA offered to ‘protect’ employee after email mocking veteran suicide

Group Drafts Secret Proposal to End Taxpayer-Funded Veteran Care

Battle Creek VA Hospital cleared of wrongdoing after investigation

VA Schedulers 'Zeroed Out' Wait Times for Texas Veterans Seeking Health Car

VA Chief responds to KARE 11 investigation

VA proposes, takes actions on leaders at Veterans Benefits Administration

Veteran Died Who Lit Self On Fire

Walkersville man heads troubleshooting for VA

VA proposes reduced punishments for VBA leaders

House budget plan gives VA a big boost, but also restrictions

Inspector General: VA Schedulers 'Zeroed Out' Wait Times for TX Veterans Seeking Health Care

VA Proposes, Takes Actions on Leaders at Veterans Benefits Administration

FOX13 Investigates: Whistleblowers being targeted

House Veterans Affairs Chairman Blasts Health-Care Commission Member

Veteran Access To VA Outpatient Care And Related Issues: Hearing Before The Subcommittee On Oversight And Investigations 

McCain's comments include points on burros, hatchery

VA’s Unequal Punishment Over Wait-time Scandals

Obama Told Veterans 'I Have Your Back' but VA Problems Persist

Saint who loved soldiers inspires continued support for veterans- 

Blumenthal calls on VA to stop wasteful spending on expensive, excessive medications

VA staff members altered wait times, inspectors report

Retired U.S. Army Surgeon General Horoho to Lead Accenture Federal Services Defense Health ...

Meeting set for VA clinic answers

Collins, King introduce bill to extend veterans care program

VA Fires 3 More Phoenix Executives in Wait-Time Scandal

OIG Report Clears North Texas VA Hospital System Of Wrongdoing

Senator Kirk demands IG report from VA head McDonald

VA Scandal Could Have Stopped Earlier

Getting Military Surgeons the Practice They Need to Stay Sharp

Former Department of Veterans Affairs Nurse Sentenced to 60 months in prison for Altering and Falsifying VA Computer Records

Veterans should never have to 'leave a message’ on the VA’s crisis hotline

Mangano: Veterans Service Agency Opens New Food Pantry For Hometown Heroes

VA convenes summit with veterans advocates to fix appeals process

Ayotte, 6 other GOP senators want to boost Vets Choice

Feds probe massive theft of opioids from Salt Lake City's VA hospital

Quadriplegic Veteran Can Seek More From VA

Ex-Phoenix VA hospital exec failed to disclose yearly gifts

VA adds mammography to women's services

Appeals court: Cortland vet's $4.5 million verdict against Syracuse VA must increase

Veteran Affairs whistleblowers claim retaliation for complaints about doctor

Shut out for decades, veterans slowly gaining access to innovative cancer treatments

Suburban veteran fell through VA cracks four times before suicide

Report: Wilmington VA wait times manipulated

VA scandal: Lawmakers welcome guilty plea

Did Altoona VA cover-up and retaliate against whistleblowers?

Invisible Wounds: Texas VA doc speaks out on brain exams done by unqualified staffLoading

Veterans want choice program fixed

Legionella bacteria a deadly stain on VA

Scrapping The Entire Department Is Not The Solution To VA'sProblems

VA employee letter reveals shocking allegations

Watchdog Releases Reports on VA Wait-Time Manipulations

No changes to cover mistakes found at Bay Pines, despite allegations

Roe.VA problems have nothing to do with money or the lack of it

New regs for Tuesday: VA hospitals, Indian burials, medical devices81

13News Now Investigates: Waiting in vain

VA slow in paying medical practices that treat veterans

Organizational Structure for Chronic Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- 

Update: VA will pay bill resulting from misdiagnosis

Why Do Skeletons Follow Cincinnati VA’s Dr. Barbara Temeck?

VA's Inspector General Still Has Not Released Reports on Wait-time Investigations

The Gulf War Syndrome: The US Government’s Conspiracy of Silence and Obstruction Against Gulf War Veterans

Veteran’s futile call to VA prompts congress members to act

Trevor M. Lane, Marine Corps veteran who advocated for benefits for his comrades, dies

VA disciplines high-ranking Cincinnati officials

Roy Exum: Let’s Euthanize The VA

VA watchdog sits on wait-time investigation reports for months

Persian Gulf veterans still fighting for proper health care 25 years after war

Drunk nurse helped with surgery at VA hospital, police say

Veterans Affairs Secretary, former P&G CEO testifies on Capitol Hill

2 VA execs return to work, could still face additional punishments

Veterans Choice program used to reduce crucial services at VA hospital

Veteran's Futile Call to VA Prompts Congress Members to Act

Kirk Calls on VA to Fire Official After Crisis Hotline Sent Calls to Voicemail

Exclusive: Whistleblowers say Veterans Choice used to slash budget deficit and care

Sen. Sherrod Brown requests detailed report from VA following investigation

Poor Patient Care and Conflict-of-Interest Alleged at Ohio VA Hospital

Exclusive — Jeb Bush Lays Out Veterans Reform Plan on Breitbart News Daily: 'We Should Be ...

Sen. Patty Murray visits senior veteran housing project

VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Physician Receives VA's Top Award for Excellence in Clinical Care Delivery

Veterans Affairs Thumbs Nose At Judge

Senate Bill 1203 Is Not Going To Force Vaccines On Veterans, But It Will Do This

Federal officials get an earful from Martha's Vineyard veterans

Bill aims to tackle VA backlog

Bernie Sanders' hellish health-care 'paradise'

County veterans fighting to save health care program

Vets groups fight enrollment decline

34 doctors, nurses at Cincinnati VA alarmed by cost cutting, quality of care

Aroostook County veterans fighting to save health care program

Bill would allow local doctors to conduct disability exams for vets newly seeking VAbenefits

Cincinnati VA At Center Of Misconduct Investigation

VA scandals create battle over MSPB rulings

GUEST COLUMN: Fixing the Veterans Administration

Veterans Affairs program works to ensure that no vet dies alone

All candidates say they would help veterans. Who actually has a plan?

VA: Wait times recorded incorrectly at Colorado clinic

With exoskeletons, paralyzed troops walk again

Paid leave means vets lose out on some doctors' care

Does government union chief's threat show AFGE's hand onveterans care?

US probes misconduct allegation at VA hospital in Cincinnati

Score one for the Veteran's Administration

Cortez: Wittman's forum exposes abuse of veterans

Growth the big challenge for new VA Medical Center chief

LV Fisher House offers military families a home in times of need

Veterans Choice program hurting some vets' credit scores

Advanced Brain Technologies Partners with Pathways forVeterans to Offer Effective Brain Training ...

Health Partners New England Selects Medsphere's Comprehensive Health IT Platform and Services

U.S. Rep, District 8: Andre Dean

VA doctor goes beyond the call for Island veterans

Hospitalization at VA hospitals for heart attack, heart failure associated with lower risk of death ...

Lawmakers eye ever-growing VA budget

Big decrease in expenses for Veterans Service Commission

Building trust vital for new Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh director

Bill would require identifying struggling VA hospitals

VA Demands Proof WWII Combat Vet With Purple Heart Served in Military

The VA Is More Worried About Numbers Than Caring For Veterans 

American Legion launches Veteran Care ‘Buddy’ Program
Blind spots

Letter: Palin’s criticism is not rooted in facts

GOP Candidates Debate Women in the Military, Veterans

2016 GOP Debate: Candidates on improving health care for veterans

Nurse at Hampton Veteran's Administration Hospital Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Patient

Missouri World War II vet has mustard gas exposure claims denied by VA

Faith in Agency Clouded Bernie Sanders’s V.A. Response

Clay County military veterans have resource close to home

Veterans Healthcare Facility in Ann Arbor Deploys LiveData PeriOp Manager throughout OR Suite

VA: Wait times recorded incorrectly at Colorado clinic


Maine’s congressional delegation seeks prompt action on ‘deeply flawed’ veterans program

Sanders’ and Clinton’s Deflections on Veterans' Health Care Should Scare Voters

'Such an honor': American Legion national commander visits Winona

VA: Wait times recorded incorrectly at Colorado clinic

The Veterans Scandal on Bernie Sanders’s Watch

Covert Surveillance Used Against Disabled Veteran

Phone system glitch persists for suicide calls to VA Medical Center

VA leader vows penalty for officials accused in job scam

FROM OUR POLITICIAN – The time is now for VA reform

Sen. Jim Inhofe blocks nominee to force action at Oklahoma veterans hospitals

Donald Trump's History With Veterans Gets Renewed Scrutiny

Nation's Oldest Female Veteran Dies at Age 108

Debating The New Ballot Measure To Control Prescription Drug Prices

Texas VA hospital in hot water over statements to Congress

New audio: Union official said Wisconsin lawmakers told of Tomah VA deaths in 2008

Salem County Veterans Corner: What should a vet do in a medical emergency?

Ernst Participates in Post-9/11 Veterans Caucus Briefing

Ros-Lehtinen Attempts to Establish VA Facility in South Dade

A 'Real-World' Study of Prostate Cancer Surveillance

Health clinic slated to open

Huelskamp continues support for veterans

Roby leads partnership talks between local hospitals, VA

VA Chief to Congress: You Can't Fire Your Way to Excellence

Veterans' health care: doctors outside the VA need to know more about the veterans they treat

SoldierStrong Donates State-of-the-Art Exoskeleton to Eastern Colorado VA Health Care System

The US Military Wants a Chip to Translate Your Brain Activity Into Binary Code

Legion commander visits Rock Falls to reinforce thinning ranks

Is The Va Hospital Closed On Veterans Day

Rising use of opioid painkillers and efforts to curb them may lead soldiers, vets to heroin

Audit says vets waited too long in emergency rooms

PainCare dumps Veterans Choice

Reps. Gabbard, Guinta Introduce Act to Prevent Unearned VABonuses

VA Wants More Money for $1.3B Electronic Benefits Management System

VA Secretary to Visit Boston Hospital to Tout Research into PTSD, TBI

Vets helping vets

Veterans' affairs left out of State of the Union; Phoenix VAwhistleblower disappointed in speech

Donnelly champions federal support of veterans courts

The Department of Veterans Affairs Goes Rouge

Excellent Care If You Can Get It: The Debts to Our Warriors, Part II

VA managers suspended for fake wait list going back to work

Senator finds his first year eventfulTweet

VA Employee Posted Vet’s ‘Exposed Buttocks’ on Facebook and 10,000 Other Violations

Massive Claims Backlog At St. Petersburg VA Regional Office

VA Officials Suspended for Fake Waitlist Scandal to Return to Work

VA proposes drug copay change it says would save most veterans money


Veterans Say Trained Dogs Help With PTSD, But The VA Won’t Pay

VA chief of staff departs after less than a year in post

Tomah VA counselor arrested on suspicion of sex assault

Army should monitor PTSD prescriptions more carefully

Few Vets Working in VA's Upper Levels

Wounded vets can’t get help with in vitro fertilization costs

Department of Veterans Affairs Issues Final Rules for Expanded Access to Non-VA Care through the Veterans Choice Program

GAO: DoD prescription monitoring programs need improvement

Embattled Phoenix VA exec refutes agency testimony

DOJ Shuts Down VA Wait Time Investigations

Roby says Central Alabama veterans care improving, more work to be done

DeMotte man can't see why VA eyeglasses take so long

Federal inquiry opens amid care complaints at Oklahoma City VA Medical Center

Local veterans can schedule transportation to VA hospital, clinic

New director of John J. Pershing VA Medical Center announced

Justice Department shuts down 46 investigations into VA wait time scandal

Contractor Wins Bid To Fix Non-VA Fee Basis Claims

In Haven visit, Sen. Moran calls for VA Secretary to resign, says Congress not doing its job

New Medical Center Director named for Alexandria VA

Stop delaying VA accountability

Phoenix VA whistleblowers say hospital still lacks doctors

Local authority could help VA, director says

8 surprising ways vets are helping vets

Vet vans seek to assist those who served

Legal Learning: The Minnesota Veterans Home

VA Health Care’s slogan is grossly misleading

Casualty of care: Ex-Marine grapples with VA system

Veterans can expect more bad health care from Obama’s VA

VA Revoked Benefits of 115 Veterans it Wrongly Declared Deceased

'We have waited years:' French Camp VA clinic facility expected to open by 2020

New Members Appointed to VA Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans

MV Transportation, Inc. Launches Patriot Express Veterans Transportation Service In San Francisco

Salem County Veterans Corner: Volunteers help vets through special service program

VA still failing ailing veterans

St. Michael’s Veterans Center Breaks Ground For Phase II

Legion visits VA to assess concerns

Is the va hospital free to veterans

Clinton: Don't send troops where they don't belong

Veterans Affairs sets first national coverage policy for robotic legs for paralyzed veterans

Roberts: VA changing? Sure it is

Miss. delegation: Send new VA network head elsewhere

Veteran’s Corner: Few veteran bills signed into law in 2015

New VA network head has been accused of lying

Marco Rubio vows to clean up VA, says veterans deserve better

VA tired of waiting for IG disciplinary reviews, starts separate evaluations

House committee blasts VA leadership for inaction in Phoenix

VA opioid reform legislation clears Senate committee

Did the Cleveland VA Hospital Fail to Protect an Employee from Workplace Sexual Assault?

Aurora man, 77, charged with assaulting nurse at VA hospital

Federal agencies spend billions on self-promotion

VA Botches Demotions of Execs Who Misused Authority for Personal Gain

VA problems continue despite public pressure, IG reports say

The VA and Limits on Veterans' Religious Freedom
Veteran amputees to undergo first ever prosthetic implants

How bureaucrats are getting away with the ‘biggest scandal in VA history’

Hoosier veteran claims Marion VA got him hooked on prescription pills

Veterans Affairs says Choice plan too complicated

DEA investigating Marion VA clinic

Deadly DC: The Land of No Consequence

Mental health & veterans

VA expands Choice program for veterans

Research before accusing VA

Henry Talks To OC Chamber about Veterans Care

Tomah VA Announces 100-Day Plan In Face Of Abuse Investigation

Preop Antibiotic Exposure, Surgical Complexity Up CDI Risk

Faulty Federal Fraudulent Fortitude

Legionnaires’ Disease Bacteria Found In Minneapolis Hospital Water Samples


Moran discusses Choice Act and refugees at Larned town hall

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson wants to take first steps to privatize the VA, challenger Russ Feingold says

A&B Healthcare Week in Review, November 2015

CEO launches health care foundation for veterans

VA releases accountability reports amid complaints of employee leniency

Postoperative Clostridium difficile infection in the Veterans Health Administration

Veteran Claims Restaurant Refused To Seat Him And His Service Dog

Limitless Appeals Mean The VA Backlog Is Unlikely To Disappear

VA won't provide service dogs for PTSD, but a bill headed to Congress could change that

Cleveland VA hospital reported 12 errors since Jan. 2014; includes delayed cancer diagnoses

Scandal-plagued Phoenix VA hires controversial new director

Department Of Veterans Affairs Officials Demoted, But Not Fired

VA exams, treatment are separate services

Legionnaire's lingers at Bay Pines but experts say there is little danger

No, President Obama didn't ban Christmas trees or the phrase "Merry Christmas" from VA facilities.

Pentagon and VA set to certify on health record interoperability

Ex-VA doctor concerned about veterans' surgeries in Phoenix

Obama's VA Facility Bans 'Merry Christmas'

Report: VA Outperforms Private Sector on Key Measures

Veteran Jumps to His Death at VA Hospital

We send them off to war, then VA treats them like criminals

Don’t begrudge VA bonuses to front-line workers

Veterans Administration to outsource medical services for veterans’ care

Roberts: Axed VA boss keeps her bonus. How special!

Overhauling the VA is the only chance to save it

Senators weigh credentials, priorities of VA watchdog nominee

My opinion on veteran appreciation

VA secretary predicts sea of change at agency

VA hospital employees exposed to workplace violence

Florida hospitals: VA owes $134 million in unpaid claims

Veterans Affairs Dept. paid bonuses amid wait-time scandal

Martha Roby cites CAVHCS problems in testimony on VA bill

New findings back up VA whistleblowers' charges

VA whistleblower mocked by Halloween costume

VA Whistleblower Says She Was Driven Out Of Her Job For Reporting Safety Violations

Fiorina calls out media over 'strangle' coverage

IG report sheds light on VA home services wait list issues

Navy vet's death blamed on contaminated medical scopes

'Keys For Heroes' Aims To End Homelessness Among Minn.Veterans

EDITORIAL: Remove distance restriction on Veterans Choice

Veterans deserve real medical help

Political notebook: Edds will chair Rowan-Cabarrus MPO

VA Pittsburgh gets new director

VA slow to fix hospitals in earthquake zones

Veterans Seeking Mental-health Treatment Still Have Hurdles, Video

Minnesota VA officials received thousands in bonuses despite misconduct probes

V.A. Opens First Health Clinic for Trans Veterans in Cleveland

VA extorsion, a letter from a veteran


MV Transportation, Inc. Launches Patriot Express Veterans Transportation Service

New Information Released About VA Hospital's Plano Outpatient Clinic

Hilary Clinton Doubles Down On Veterans Affairs While Obama Says Problems “Unacceptable”

Servicemen tout Nutley's veterans services

Open Season, VA Bonuses, Vets' Benefits, Military Pay, and More

Is it time for NJ to establish courts only for veterans?

Veterans ask: Why is it taking so long to fix the VA?

The VA treated my PTSD all wrong

Army Vet Faces Felony For Helping Other Veterans Treat PTSD With Cannabis


At the VA, Same Old Story for Veterans Facing Long Wait Times

Veterans Affairs pays $142 million in bonuses amid scandals

White House touts progress on ending vet homelessness

Veterans Day: US needs to focus on programs, initiatives vetsneed when they leave the military

Legislation to Improve Staffing, Care at Veterans Affairs Health Facilities

Vietnam veteran sues Long Beach VA, alleging police falsely arrested him

Rhode Island One Step Closer to Ending VeteransHomelessness

VA enters stretch on goals for homelessness, claims backlog

VA Secretary Says Wait Times Are Growing Despite Increase in Staff

Can the VA fire its way out of its problems?

Would Giving Veterans All-Access Health Care Solve Chronic Problems?

The VA Can't Seem To Fix A Computer Glitch That's Denying Health Care To 29000 Combat Vets

Thanks to all our heroes

VA Reduces Backlog of Veterans Disability Claims by 84 Percent

Veterans Affairs Caught Falsifying Doctors' Certifications

Caring about veterans means caring for veterans, speakers tell City Club Missoula

Medical credentials questioned at VA hospitals

Homeless Heroes: Ex-VA employee: Female veterans sent to other states with more resources

Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center Director Dr. William Adelman leaving that position

VA secretary lies about number of employees disciplined in wait time scandal

Pittsburgh Vets Share Stories Of Homelessness Through Their Own Lens

VA: Demand exceeds resources

Our veterans deserve the right to choose their care

Trinitas designs programs to serve its military patient population

New program to help veterans


Veterans wrestle with new VA Choice Card effort to reform care

VA Executives Plead Fifth At Hearing On Relocation Scandal, Refuse To Testify

VA wrongly declares veterans dead, cuts off their benefits

Cuban immigrant at helm of veterans health care system

VA Officials Refuse To Answer Questions On Relocation Scandal

Drug Rehab New York City Begins It’s Summer PTSD and Dual Diagnosis Outreach Campaign

VA team blasts Phoenix personnel office

Hillary Blames VA's Problems on Republicans

SU proposes creation of National Veterans Resource Complex, would serve as hub for veterans ...

Spokane Veterans Administration Memorial Hospital

VA scandal continues: Vets still waiting months to see doctor, another died on wait list

GALLAGHER: A 4th tour of duty opens at home for wounded veteran

Trump lays out plan to reform Veterans Affairs

Army Corps of Engineers issue new contract to complete AuroraVA by January 2018

Nearly one in 10 VA registered nurses quit in 2014, GAO says

Collins and King support program that allows veterans access to health care close to home

VA orders full impact report at medical sites

Tomah VA's former chief doctor -- Candy Man' -- fired

Salem VA to turn town hall into personal meetings

Clinton campaign: Republicans are exploiting VA health scandal

Government Report Reveals Rise in VA Medical Errors but Decrease in Investigations

Fraud, Poor Cardio Care Confirmed At Hines VA Hospital

After Clinton Minimizes VA Troubles, Three Reports Expose Shortfalls Across Country

Vets, report: VA care hard to get for mental health

Top congressional Republicans slam Hillary Clinton for VAcomments

Watchdog: VA lacks data to track mental health progress

No more excuses on veterans care

McCain: 'I Don't See How Any Veteran Who Cares About Their Fellow Veterans' Can Back Hillary

Jeb Bush blasts Clinton for 'insulting' veterans

Donald Trump's surprise promise to a wounded veteran

'Alamo Call-A-Ride 4 Vets' gives vets free rides

Veteran with cancer sues Phoenix VA for $50M, alleges negligent care

Troubled VA Attracts Some Defenders, Prompting Lawmaker Rebuttal

Billboards Along Eisenhower Claim “VA Is Lying, Veterans Are Dying”

Veterans' groups fire back at Clinton's VA comments

Schumer to discuss VA care improvements

Wait Times Again Growing at San Antonio Veterans Administration Hospitals, Clinics

Clinton: Veterans Affairs scandal not a ‘widespread’ problem

Congress to consider off-the-shelf replacement for VistA

Veterans must be free to choose medical care

VA Won't Let 5 Officials Testify, Antagonizing Congress

Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind expands its local optical lab

Knox County man among Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame nominees

VA and IHS Gain Interoperability

Veterans still facing major medical delays at VA hospitals

VA mess needs to be cleaned up once and for all

New York - Castle Point won't close

Judge Refuses To Expand Wisconsin Voter ID Law To Help Students And Veterans Vote

VA delays skyrocket in San Antonio

U.S. Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen speak with veterans regarding the Veterans Choice Card program in Manchester 

Veteran's Corner

Veterans Affairs official responsible for benefits resigns

Poor Care at Phoenix VA Led to Deaths of Veterans with Cancer

VA hospital nurse charged with tampering with medication

New ‘VA Is Lying’ Billboard Opens Right Across From Phoenix VA Hospital

Coffman: Completed Aurora VA hospital is in sight

Lafayette VA hospital construction progress

VA spent $6.3 million on sculptures and fountains for their hospitals. Should they have?

Congress agrees to deal to fund VA hospital in Aurora

Flood at VA means $5M in repairs

Veterans Health Administration and Indian Health Service Become First Federal Agencies to Gain Interoperability via DirectExchange

Department of Veterans Affairs names new regional health director

Veterans CIO lives the brief life of a political appointee

Democratic debate: What 5 presidential frontrunners had to say about healthcare

Veteran organizes 11/9 Phoenix VA Protest, works tirelessly to aid fellow Vets

VA system frustrates Iraq, Afghanistan vet

Attorney representing deceased Tomah VA patient ready to release investigation details

va disability benefit award letter

Veterans Disability Pay Cola

Feds probe University of Phoenix, DoD bars it from recruiting on military bases

VA building flea infestation blamed on raccoons in ceiling

Experts say veterans can't win war against suicide alone

Drew Brooks: VA hospital celebrating 75 years of service

VA chief to lawmakers: The health reforms you seek are here

Tuesday Is Honor Flight Day

VA addresses suicide by gun problem among female veterans - See more at:

Special Project | Veterans' Affairs: Week Ending October 10, 2015

Lt. Governor Patrick Announces 2nd Round of Interim Charges

Homeless veteran claims government, Clement, owes him

Homeless, at-risk veterans receiving VA health care may benefit from Medicaid expansion

TOM PHILPOTT | New report confirms VA weaknesses

10 agencies younger than Federal Times

Senator introduces bill to improve telehealth access for veterans

Texas-Rio Grande Valley Vets Say VA Still Not Providing Timely Care

Interim chief appointed for area VA center for Northern Indiana

Roger That: Senator calls for Department of Justice probe of alleged VA pay scam

Head of Louisiana Veterans Affairs steps down after probes look at conditions

Psychiatry Advisor
30 Issues President-Elect Trump Needs To Address For The Military And Veterans
30 Issues President-Elect Trump Needs To Address For The Military And Veterans

Roseburg VA director ousted
Phoenix VA cited for leaving chemicals, other dangerous items near veteranswith mental health ...
US law poses dilemma for dying vets seeking lethal drugs
Democrats voice concerns that veterans 'will be pushed into private care'
Brian Mast: Members of Congress Can Help Veterans With Offices in VAFacilities
Trump ousts Veterans Affairs chief Shulkin, nominates personal physician to replace him
Contractor claims government owes it $3M for contaminated soil cleanup

Trump signs $200 billion VA budget for 2019

VA Whistleblower Gets Job Back After Claims Of Retaliation from His Supervisors

Sending More Veterans to Private Care Isn't Solving the VA's Problems
Oldest living US veteran, Richard Overton, dies at 112




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